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Lucas Entertainment - Audition 11 - Wilfried Knight and Armando
Scene 4. Muscle god Armando doesn't know very much English, but that doesn't stop Knight from getting to know everything about him. The two get down and dirty with some hot rimming and 69 dick-sucking, followed by plenty of hardcore ass-play. Then Armando fucks Knight doggy-style, with Knight proclaiming afterwards that out of 10, Armando's an 11!
Armando is the scene-stealer with his bodybuilder frame, everyday good looks, and warm smile. Wilfried is not exactly dwarfed by this partner, but there's a noticeable difference in their sizes. This stud's got an 8-pack popping out on a torso that's completely smooth and pumped. He's also got a killer ass with a sexy puckerhole. The viewer is teased quite a bit here, both guys getting into some heated flip-flop frottage so that guessing which stud would eventually bottom was near impossible. It ends up being Wilfried (woo-hoo!) who gets one forceful pounding from this humpy Spaniard.

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