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Catalina - Jawbreaker
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"Are you ready to suck? This candy is hard, long and thick, and it will last a long time if you just keep sucking! Catalina Video is proud to present "The Hardest Hundred and Eight Minutes Of Your Life," Jawbreaker. Catalina's biggest release of 1995 made a huge splash on the tastebuds of America. Award winning director Josh Eliot has brought together his vision of a great story and an enormous cast of hot and hard Catalina men.
There's a hole in the justice system and there's a bunch of hot, horny men itching to get out.

Sheriff Jeff Mitchell and deputy Chris Champion are on the lookout for excaped criminals Jake Andrews, Tony Idol, Rod Majors and Daryl Brock.

2. Vince Rockland, Hunter Scott, Tony Idol
Tony gets in a 3-Way with Vince Rockland and Hunter Scott.
found in compilation The Best of Tony Idol

3. Daryl Brock, Rod Majors, Scott Russell, Ty Russell, Chip Daniels
Daryl Brock and Rod Majors have a heated orgy with Scott Russel, Ty Russell and Chip Daniels (Best Sex Scene - 1995 AVN).
found in compilation Colossal Cocks 1
found in compilation Josh Eliot 1: Director's Best

4. Sean Diamond, Anthony Gallo, Mark West (90s)
Courtroom 3-Way with Sean Diamond, Anthony Gallo and Mark West.

5. Chris Champion, Jake Andrews (90s)
Chris Champion has an outdoor fuck with Jake Andrews.

6. Bo Summers, Alex Stone, Chris Champion, Jeff Mitchell
Bo Summers and Alex Stone get in on behind bars - soon joined by Chris Champion and Jeff Mitchell.
found in compilation Colossal Cocks 2

7. J.T. Sloan, Doug Perry, Dave Logan
Campground fuckfest with JT Sloan, Doug Perry and Dave Logan.

Length: 1:47:58

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