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ChaosMen - 2137 - Marty solo (720p)
Release date: May 28, 2018

Video Number: 2137

Marty has an amazing face, with beautiful eyes! His face is all angles, and he has been approached by many photographers wanting to take pictures of him. I can see why.

He had not done nudes and was only a little nervous from his previous photo experience. He confidently got his cock hard easily for the photos, so I knew the video would be a breeze.

Marty has a hot body, naturally fit from years of wrestling. You may notice his ears have some typical wrestler ear damage.

He also shaved-off his pubes for this shoot! Arrrgggggh! I swear to you every single email I send to them, reminds them to stop shaving immediately. Sometimes I am rushing to get guys in, and just know they will grow them back as they work, but Marty's submission pics actually had almost natural pubes.

That battle goes on! He swears he will leave them alone for future shoots.

Marty seems like he wants to do full-interactive, but I can tell he really will need to push his limits. He jokes about sucking cock, and it had me a little confused during the interview. But he is definitely going to move slowly through his boundaries.

Even so, this is another hot boy that I am eager to get back!
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