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Boys Of Life - Episodes 1 & 4
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"BOYS OF LIFE" is an arousing film series that captures the beauty of the male body and the spirit of poetry. Each episode is a visually stunning short film that stars a favorite Instagram male model, against narration of classic and modern poetry.

Pop culture blog Ishtalk called the series "eye candy for the soul". Boy Culture magazine raved saying "BOYS OF LIFE will give you life!", and Little Gay Blog, from Australia, gave it's thumbs up reviewing it as "provocative, breathtaking and unforgettable".

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EPISODE 1: Davide Zongoli / @Acrodave

In this BOYS OF LIFE episode, the stunning Italian acrobat and aerialist @Acrodave (Davide Zongoli) explores his loneliness in a surreal afternoon indoors. Unaware of his own sexuality and seduced by a wistful yearning, he takes a warm shower, analyzes his image in the mirror and plays with himself while sitting on the couch, while a celestial entity watches over him. This episode is a parallel narrative of episode 5 with @MrAnthonyPecoraro.

Features the poems "I'd like for you to be still" by Pablo Neruda and "I Carry Your Heart With Me" by E.E Cummings.

EPISODE 4: Joshua Brickman / @JoshuaMBrickman
In the 4th episode of BOYS OF LIFE, the beautiful Joshua Brickman (IG: @JoshuaMBrickman) emerges naked from the ocean in the search for something he's been missing. In his sensual and magical wanderlust, Joshua explores an enchanted forest that brings him the answers he's been looking for. This episode hints back to episode 3 with @JF9109.

Featuring the poems "When The Ecstatic Body Grips" by Eric Robertson Dodds, and "Sonnet XVIII" by William Shakespeare.
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