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Corbin Fisher - ACM1780 - Blowing Chaz (wyth Harper) - HD 1080p
RELEASE DATE - October 12, 2015

The second Harper saw Chaz he immediately called dibs on the young freshmen. He was eager to find out as much as he could about him.

Although light-eyed Chaz never thought he’d do anything with a guy he admits to wondering what it’d be like. Harper sees his chance and they share Chaz’s first kiss.

He coaxes the young stud further, massaging, kissing, and tickling his feet.

Chaz is astonished at how comfortable and natural everything feels. It’s something he didn’t know he wanted until the moment Harper touched his cock. Before he knows it, Harper on his knees, mouth wrapped around his rock hard cock- then licking up his cum!

Original upload: 12/10/2015 -matthewmancs
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