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Marathon - In Deep (1988)
analoralgeneral hardcoresome condomssome bareback
director Steven Lucas

Angelo (Steven Moore)
Brian Estevez
Dana Pearson
Derek Jensen
Matthew Corey
Rod Lance
Romeo Hanz
Sparky O'Toole
Vincent Harrington
William Long

Youthful writer Romeo Hanz tries to pen wholesome stories that turn into sexcapades!

1. William Long, Matthew Corey

2. Angelo (Steven Moore), Sparky O'Toole

3. Tyke, Rod Lance

4. Brian Estevez solo

5. Brian Estevez, Derek Jensen

6. Romeo Hanz, Vincent Harrington

7. Romeo Hanz, Dana Pearson, Thom Katt

Note: I did some color processing, cleanup of VHS source. The video looks pretty good now.
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