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William Higgins – Sasa Paluna –EROTIC SOLO (1080p)
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Released: 08 October 2018

Sasa Paluna is aged 20 and lives in Sokolov. He is a very cute guy who is a student. In his spare time Sasa enjoys sports, basketball and swimming. Laying on the bed he rubs his body and slips a hand into his jeans to grope himself. He pulls a nice fat cock out of the jeans and starts to wank it. Sasa moves his hips as he hand works on his cock. The head pokes out of the foreskin as he wanks himself. Then, with his big cock fully hard he gets naked and oils the dick. He pulls the foreskin back off the head as he wanks himself. That cock looks so good as he wanks. Then he releases his dick and lifts his legs to show off his ass and the hairy hole. He reaches for the ass cheeks spreading them wide to pull on that hot hole. Taking hold of his dick again he wanks while showing off his inviting ass. Sasa's feet are prominent too as he continues to wank. Dropping his legs he moves onto one elbow and wanks his big cock until he shoots a huge stream of thick, creamy, cum onto his right thigh. After milking every drop from that big cock he goes off to the shower to clean up.

Actor:     Sasa Paluna

Duration : 23 min 42 s
1920x1080 4000kbps
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