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BigDikFactory - Schoolmates 4 (splited scenes)
Big DickTwinkOutdoorsAnalBubble ButthunksClassic
camera Carl P.
editing Tamar Jones
lighting G Guys
G Guys
make-up John Tavleri
music Suckpuppets
second camera John Boy Harden
Brent Collins
Carter Powers
Dober Woods
Don Keyes
Feodor Lowery
Jake Lavalle
Justin Slater (00)
Steve Vanila
source: promotional material
Justin Slater through his school and dorm days.
First we have him with Feodor Lowery, the cute blond with the superfat cock. After an extensive mutual cock tease, they suck and ream and finally the payoff, Lowery gets Slater's pole up his ass.
Second scene, Justin Slater and Carter Powers get it on. We get wonderful cocksucking footage as Carter eats Slater in a youthful but hungry way. Carter gets fucked here like a bunny rabbit.
Scene 3, the two "outsiders" on campus became friends and fuck buddies. Don Keyes (on bottom) and [Brent] Collins go at it.
Scene 4. The campus coach is the wet dream of every twinkie who has ever gone to college (I'm sure there are some, no?) coach Jake seduces athetletic twink Dober by massage into a hot suck n fuck 101.
Scene 5. Justin Slater and Steve Vanila (Hung Twinks on Wheels) go for the home stretch (it's Vanila's ass that gets the stretch here, go Slater go!).
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source: Gay Erotic Video Index

1. Feodor Lowery OgrAbRg, Justin Slater (00) OgrAtRr
Taking a break from schoolwork big dicked Slater and blond Lowery study on each other's youthful bodies.

2. Justin Slater (00) OrAtRr, Carter Powers OgAbRg
Slater is entertaining Czech foreign exchange student Carter Powers.

3. Brent Collins OgrAt, Don Keyes OgrAb
Brent Collins says that Don Keys is inexperienced and needs some sexual tutoring.

4. Jake Lavalle OgrAt, Dober Woods OgrAb
Well built coach Jake Lavalle helps nervous bottle blond Dober Wood [spelled Woods elsewhere] relax his injured muscles.

5. Justin Slater (00) OgrAtRg, Steve Vanila OrgAbRr
Slater finally meets a keeper, a lean one with darker skin, a crew cut and small tattoos. Justin confirms his taste in men by shooting his stream past his shoulder.

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