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William Higgins - Educating Eda Rieger
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Film: Educating Eda Rieger
Studio :  William Higgins Productions

Director: William Higgins
Country:  Czech Republic
location: Czech Republic
Length: 2 hr 20 min
Year: 2005
Condoms Used: Yes.

Cast:  Eda Rieger, Cristiano Dante, Ivan Bartok, Jirka Gregor, Kristian Dubcek, Krystof Nikolas, Lukas Pika, Milan Vokoun, Oleg, Pavel Matous, Pepa, Toma Dvorak

"Snow, ski and sex. Some guys have a lot to learn."

Age: Barely Legal/Twinks/Young Meat,  Age: College Freshmen to Late 20s,  Big Balls/Sack Attack,  Body Types: Gymnasts/Ripped/Swimmers,  Body/Chest Hair: Natural/Unshaven,  Body/Chest Hair: None (Hairless/Shaved/Smooth),  Cast's Looks: Adorable/Cute,  Cast's Looks: Chiseled Face/Handsome,  Cock Sizes: Big and Thick,  Facial Hair: Chinstraps/Goatees/Soul Patches,  Facial Hair: None (Clean Shaven),  Foreskin Play/Uncut Cocks,  Group Sex/Orgy Scene,  Hair Color: Redheads,  Men in/of the Czech Republic,  Tattoos: Few/Moderate,  Threesomes/Threeways.

source: promotional material
1. The Ski Lodge
Ivan Bartok, Cristiano Dante, Pavel Matous
Pavel Matous, Cristiano Dante and Ivan Bartok have decided to take a short trip up to the mountains to relax and have some fun. With this randy trio we know what that can mean. It’s late morning when they arrive and they have some time to kill before making their way to the dining facilities for lunch.
The fresh, clean mountain air, the newly-fallen snow on a wonderfully sunny but cold day, gives our trio the opportunity to try out the new sleds that Mr. Higgins has lent them. Just outside the ski lodge they have booked, which is perched perfectly on the hillside for sledding, they compete to race to the bottom. The memories of childhood play in the snow are not that distant for this trio and you can rely on Pavel –of course - to make the first snowball and start a snowball fight. Cristiano and Ivan soon respond and give as good as they get. After a while though they retire inside their ski lodge to warm up and prepare for lunch – they are feeling the cold a little bit and need something warm inside them.
The guys start to remove their outdoor clothes and as they warm up over the radiator Pavel says, “That feels better – I really need something hot and tasty inside me now”.
Cristiano slips behind Pavel and while laughing says, “How about me then?” as he pretends to fuck him. Ivan quickly leans forward and after adding, “Or me?” kisses the blonde on the mouth before he gets a chance to reply. With Cristiano behind him, Pavel can feel the swollen hard cock banging up against his arse, even as Cristiano removes Pavel’s sweater. Cristiano continues to keep the rear of Pavel busy as he removes yet more of Pavel’s clothes and Ivan keeps Pavel’s front more than adequately entertained. It wouldn’t be the first time that Pavel has played the part of ‘willing victim’ – especially when he often has his own ‘secret’ agenda for what he wants to see (and feel) happen!!
As Ivan and Pavel strip off to their underwear, the still clothed Cristiano is soon being helped out of his clothes by his new chums. With Pavel in front of him and Ivan behind, (the lucky little sod!), he is soon wearing little more than a smile! Pavel, of course, is the first to dive in to Cristiano’s undies to investigate what was so recently bumping up against his arse – and Pavel is NOT disappointed. Both of Cristiano’s hands are also soon full as he grapples manfully with Pavel’s big cock in front of him and Ivan’s big cock behind. (How lucky can someone get?) Pavel -first again of course – is the first to feel the overpowering pull of gravity and is quickly down on his knees with Cristiano’s cock thumping into the back of his throat. Pavel also makes sure that Ivan’s stiff dick doesn’t start to feel ignored. Well, he did say he wanted something hot and tasty inside him! The horny little fucker!
Ivan’s throat is soon entertaining Cristiano’s cock while Pavel’s mouth goes into overdrive on Ivan. When I was first told that Pavel was a real sucker – I thought he was some sort of naive idiot – I know better now what they meant!! The effect of Ivan’s mouth on Cristiano’s cock proves that he too is a real sucker.
With Cristiano on his back he gets his turn to prove how much of a sucker he also is – and he doesn’t disappoint. Ivan nearly pumped a load into his mouth into him at one stage. Pavel – of course – has to make an absolute pig of himself and he wants both guys’ cocks in his mouth at the same time – some guys just can’t get enough cock.
2. Cristiano's Breakfast Surprise
Lukas Pika, Cristiano Dante, Oleg (Johnny Saint)
The ski lodge is a bit quiet for Cristiano as his other friends had to leave earlier than planned and he is now alone. He had really enjoyed that first day when Pavel and Ivan had let him fuck both of them - he wanted to do that again for sure!
Last night he was watching TV in the communal lounge as two new guys - Lukas Pika and Oleg walked in. Since Cristiano was there first he chose to watch the live show 'Big Brother' on the TV rather than highlights of the ice hockey game between the USA and the Czech Republic on the other channel that the other two guys wanted. Oleg and Lukas had managed to avoid hearing the result all day so they could enjoy the game - as if it was live - and when they asked Cristiano if they could watch it, he blurted out accidentally, "You want to watch the Americans lose again?!" Lukas replied, "Not now that we know the result -thanks to your big mouth!" Cristiano apologized and continued to watch his programme.
Both Oleg and Lukas muttered something to each other about 'getting their own back' but Cristiano took no notice.
At breakfast the next day Cristiano made some scrambled eggs for himself while Oleg and Lukas sat at the table. He didn't realise he was using their eggs and they wouldn't have minded if he had offered to make enough for three.
"We hope you enjoy our eggs" said Oleg
"Nice of you to offer to make enough for all of us" added Lukas.
Cristiano was genuinely sorry about the mistake over the eggs and said to the guys, "Look, I'm really sorry. We haven't got off to a good start have we? If there's anything I can do to make it up to you please just let me know!"
"I'm sure we'll think of something" said Oleg as he smiled at Lukas. Oleg and Lukas started to share the grapes on the table and eventually started to feed them to each other - mouth to mouth. As Oleg and Lukas's lips met to transfer the grapes Cristiano couldn't help but notice that the transfer time from one mouth to the other was getting longer and longer.
"Would you like a grape?" asked Oleg. Cristiano laughed and replied, "A grope would be better," adding, "I would like to make it up to you guys after the problem last night with the TV and this morning with your eggs"
Cristiano was feeling horny again and he wanted to fuck either of these guys - both would be even better. As all three kissed and exchanged grapes, Cristiano's cock started to swell again and he couldn't decide who he wanted to fuck first. The t-shirts soon come off and as Oleg stands up, his throbbing cock is soon in the back of Lukas's throat while Oleg's hand dives down the front of Cristiano's pants to squeeze whatever the slender Cristiano has to offer - it's quite a lot for somebody as thin as Cristiano! It's not long before all the clothes have been removed and three throbbing cocks are now rampant for some serious action. Cristiano knows now that he wants to fuck the brains out of both of these guys! He will just have to play along for now and quickly slip his cock up one of those hot arse-holes as soon as the opportunity presents itself. For now Cristiano settles down to suck Lukas's swollen cock and it's not such a bad way to bide his time for the right moment to present itself! With Lukas's hands clasped round the back of Cristiano's head the thick end of Lukas's cock bangs repeatedly into the back of Cristiano's throat - nearly making him gag - but as Cristiano learns to handle this thumping he realizes that he likes it also. Lukas's mouth continues to satisfy Oleg's cock throughout this for a while and Cristiano is now really looking forward to fucking Lukas as soon as possible. His own cock is aching for some action now!
3. The Doctor's Coming
Pavel Matous, Toma Dvorak
Poor Pavel Matous! What a way to spend your holiday. All his friends are out on the ski slope and he is stuck in the chalet with this pot on his leg with a suspected fracture. The old village doctor is due soon, which is just as well, as the itching is just driving Pavel crazy.
After hearing the knocking on the door, Pavel is surprised to see Toma Dvorak walk in and he asks, "Who are you?" Toma explains, "The regular doctor isn't feeling well today so they have asked me to cover for him - I hope you don't mind?" "Not at all" says Pavel looking the young muscular doctor up and own. Dr. Dvorak immediately takes a look at his new patient's leg and foot and sets about cleaning the toes on Pavel's injured leg. "I am worried about your circulation -can you feel this OK?" asks the Doctor as he cleans between the toes, "Yes" replies Pavel adding "actually it feels quite nice." The tingling sensation in his foot soon starts to work up his thigh and Pavel finds that the attractive Doctor's delicate touch is having a very noticeable effect on his cock. The 'never' so shy Pavel reaches under his towel and he starts stroking his already swelling cock as Dr. Toma continues to attend to Pavel's foot. "Well, your circulation seems fine," he says glancing at Pavel's growing cock but I just need to test your nerve reflexes now," said Toma as he put Pavel's toe in his mouth and gently licked and then bit it. Pavel jumped a little bit and as the Doctor removed the toe from his mouth and looked at Pavel's juicy looking cock he added, "Well everything seems to be in reasonable working order, but I think I need to check out the rest of you - is that Ok with you?"
As Pavel was about to agree, the Doctor's mouth sank down over the top of his cock and began to give our poor invalid a very welcome blow job. There certainly didn't seem to be anything wrong with Pavel's circulation as the blood just pumped into his cock as Toma kept sucking. It started to feel very warm as the Doctor kept on 'testing' Pavel's circulation and Pavel soon helps the Doctor to remove his shirt and sweater.
4. Eda Starts to Feel Better
"Why on earth did I let you drag me up here for the weekend to go skiing?!" exclaimed Eda Rieger to Krystof Nikolas as he brushed the snow from his face after falling over yet again, adding, " You know I can't ski - even this snowboarding shit is impossible for me!"
Krystof found it difficult not to laugh as his cute friend fell flat on his face for the umpteenth time and said, " Oh do stop fucking complaining will you and get on with it - you'll never learn at this rate". Krystof smiled to himself as Eda hoisted himself to his feet once more and Eda said, "Just one more try - next time I fall over I'm going back to our chalet and read my new Harry Potter book - you can stay out here if you want!"
Krystof chuckled to himself and said, "OK - you go first again - I'll be right behind you".
"I fucking wish!" muttered Eda to himself quietly looking at his gorgeous friend.
Needless to say, Eda set off and just when he thought he was beginning to get the hang of it, down he went again. He felt a pain in his knee as he tried to get up and as Krystof caught up Eda said, "I think I've damaged my knee this time - it really hurts". Krystof could see that his friend wasn't joking and they set off back to the chalet so that they could warm up, have a rest and have a better look at the knee.
As they entered the chalet Eda seemed to be feeling better and said, "I think that the simple walk back has done the knee a lot of good already but I won't try snowboarding again until tomorrow". Krystof helped his friend to the bottom of the stairs and said, "That's OK - but it could be a bit boring with nothing to do for the rest of the day".
Eda turned round to face his friend and said, "You didn't really invite me up here just to go skiing did you?" Krystof looked at his cute friend and as his hand reached forward to touch the swelling in the front of Eda's pants, Eda leant forward to kiss Krystof on the mouth. Krystof nervously added, "I wasn't sure how you would react?" "Try me!" smiled Eda, "I'm sure it'll be more fun than skiing - and certainly warmer!!"
To remove any possible doubt from Krystof's mind, Eda sank down in front of his friend and wrapped his mouth round Krystof's thick cock. There was definitely no doubting now what Eda had wanted all the time. His warm mouth and throat settled in to a routine that made sure Krystof enjoyed this alternative to the ski slopes. Once they had removed all the remaining clothes Krystof could now really fuck his friend's face. Eda was NOT complaining as the stiff cock tried to rearrange his tonsils. He was sure that he tasted Krystof's pre-cum and he didn't want his friend Krystof to cum just yet - Eda had other plans for this stiff cock today.
Krystof simultaneously realised that another few minutes of this face fucking would result in a huge load being dumped into Eda's willing mouth and he also had other plans for his stiff cock today.
5. Brothers in Arms
Milan Vokoun, Radim Vokoun, Oleg (Johnny Saint), Kristian Dubcek
It's a chilly and BORING Sunday afternoon as brothers Radim and Milan Vokoun stroll round the grounds of the local manor house. It's still better than sitting at home watching yet another repeat of the 'Six Million Dollar Man'. As much as the guys like to come and see their Aunt Dasha, there's no Internet, no satellite and no cable in this part of the country and sitting there while Uncle Slobodan either drinks beer, sleeps and snores, or farts his way through episode 47 of the 101 episodes of the special boxed set he got last Xmas is too much to bear for the lads. The whole family doesn't call him 'Slob' for nothing!!
"Why do you think Aunt Dasha married that thing in the first place?" asked Milan as he adjusted his blue cap to keep his ears warm.
The slightly older Radim chuckled and said, "If you promise to keep it a secret I can tell you what our cousins said when we all got drunk at the last family New Year party". Milan, who couldn't keep a secret if his life depended on it immediately promised to keep the family secret. He liked juicy gossip.
Radim continued, "Well apparently, and you mustn't repeat this to anybody, Aunt Dasha was always fond of the 'bigger' boys when she was younger and they say that Uncle Slob has a huge cock - certainly the biggest in the village - and once she had been pounded by that for two or three hours, her mind was made up. He was the husband for her! Mouth, pussy or arse-hole - she couldn't get enough of him they said"
"Uncle Slob was certainly a handsome man when he was younger when you look at the photos on the sideboard" added Radim, "...and he certainly liked to share it around they say - and not just with the women!"
Milan stood speechless for a second and said, "Are you saying that Uncle Slob fucked with guys as well?"
Radim looked at his cute brother and said, "Look - what do you think people did for fun up here before TV came along. You enjoyed what was available and nearby - it was just harmless fun. Apparently Uncle Slob fucked just about anything that moved! There's even a story that the local sheep would take fright and run to the opposite end of the field when they saw him walking down the lanes!!"
Milan suggested that they go up to the big house to see if they could sneak in to warm up. He was feeling the cold. He couldn't understand why the mental picture of his 'young' uncle with a huge, thick, hard cock was giving him a hard-on, never mind the memory of his older brother showering and dressing that morning. They sneaked in to the large house and found an old fashioned wood burning stove which they proceeded to fill up.
As Milan stood up, he reached out to his older brother and pulling him forward kissed him on the mouth very gently. Radim did nothing as Milan said nervously, "I've always wanted to know what it feels like to kiss a guy and you were the obvious choice as well as being 'nearby and available'". Radim smiled at his younger brother. "I liked it" he said pulling his younger brother back towards him to try it some more.
They continued kissing in the archway not realizing that the young Masters of the house were in bed just round the corner from them. Masters Kristian and Oleg were woken up by the sound of the two brothers kissing and moaning and they knew they had to find out who the intruders causing that noise were. The ever horny Masters were not disappointed when they clamped their eyes on their surprised visitors.
6. Toma Dvorak, Jirka Gregor, Adam Kucera, Krystof Nikolas, Pepa (wh), Ivan Bartok.

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