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Falcon Studio's- FVP002- Johnny Harden & The Champs (1978)
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If I could give Johnny Harden & The Champs a ten-star rating I would, that's how fucking amazing this pre-condom flick is. One of Falcon's best, and the one that got me hooked on pre-condom, cumshots-for-days gay porn. The solo stuff here is great; really hot and the guys really get into their scenes and spill huge loads.

There's some amazing double-anal penetrations shots, huge loads dumped on faces and in mouths, Johnny shoves the whole head of his cock into his own asshole - all without a rubber in sight. However, this video sticks in my mind for one reason; well, for one scene in particular: Hal Drake and Clint Ely's romp on the beach. Hal comes from out of nowhere on his horse, and scoops up Clint into a scene of such manpower, I almost passed out the first time I saw it.

In the scene, Hal, with one of the most perfect "man" bodies ever, and an enormous, slightly curved tool, pummels the hell out of Clint's mouth for what seems like an eternity. (Trust me dudes, I'm not complaining; I'm fucking jealous!) It's one of the best deep-throatings of a truly huge cock that I've ever seen; the facial glazing and subsequent right-in-the-gullet oral cumshot that ensues made me fucking weak.

Then, after getting him on his back atop his blanket on the sand, Hal proceeds to tear Clint up and tear him in half. When Hal is about to cum, the camera moves right above Clint's head, and we're treated to the awesome sight of Hal's huge tool pulling out, flopping between Clint's thighs, and spilling a massively huge, thick, creamy load all over the place.

I'm telling ya, the first time I saw this, I came instantly, right along with him. I still think about that shot! (Yeah, I'm getting hard as a rock here just writing about it; the scene is that good, and so is the rest of the vid.) If you're a fan of oral shots, this is a must-own.

There's even more, including an amazing Speedo-bulging thrill ride of a scene that culminates in some of the heaviest cumloads ever scarfed up, a squirm-inducing/sure-to-make-you-precum double anal penetration, and a "watch-as-it-thrusts-in-the-hole" shaft licking that nearly made me cry. Don't let the short running time deter you.


Bruce McMaster
Clint Ely
Hal Drake
Johnny Harden
Mike Flynn
Sky Dawson

Director:  Bill Clayton

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