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Butch Dixon - Antonio Miracle and Thomas Thunder
Butch Dixon -
Antonio Miracle and Thomas Thunder

There's nothing quite as tasty as watching a tattooed, top getting a good hard bareback bottoming and yowler when Antonio Miracle bottoms he's a pushy, dom-bottom. Its the first time for Thomas Thunder at Butch Dixon and he's impressive, all the right equipment, including a delicious, weighty uncut dick.

We like 'em hairy and swarthy, total beefy, Spanish, they're just so damn sexy, 100% masculine, 100% piggy, YUM. Thomas Thunder lies back and lets Antonio use those hot lips and talented tongue got to work on and under his foreskin, teasing the sensitive helmet to a rigid full mast then he's bent over the sofa spreading his hard cheeks for Thomas' delectation and tongue. Just watch Antonio's face as that raw, uncut dick slides right up to the bollocks in his tight, hot arse!

Cast: Antonio Miracle and Thomas Thunder.

Good Quality Sound/Vision - 20 min.  MP4 Format.

Release Date: Feb. 28, 2019

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