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ChaosMen- Vance Complete Bareback Collection (Full 1080p)
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The complete Vance Bareback collection pack which includes all of his Bareback videos and a solo video too.

Check out the HOT Theon Complete Bareback Collection I posted 2 weeks ago:

I'm a HUGE fan of Vance and I hope you'll love the High Quality of this Hot collection...

Vance has a Sexy Hunky Hairy Body and his body features are to die for, Plus his Dick is amazing.

Details of this Pack video's are:

01. CM0382 Vance Solo
Release date: September 22, 2008, Running Time: 10:30 Mins

Video Number: 382

The name game goes on! You might know him at other locations by another name, but here on Chaos, he is Vance. I know it's frustrating for fans, but I do try to keep names unique on the site making it easier to use the Search tool.

Vance is a somewhat local dude for me, and after flying across the country for shoots, he got tired of flying and the stress headaches that goes with it. So that's how he ended up at my front door.

So here is a guy who has done pretty much everything. Seems very easy going and super polite.  I've had so many nervous straight guys lately, that I thought it would rock to have another straight model who could lead the way.

He was eager to make some money for school, and actually suggested a Serviced video. So even though he's done more elsewhere, he's gonna get the Chaos Oral Treatment next week.

I really like this kid, and feel certain he will make a great part of posse! So stay tuned for more Vance.

02. CM0484 Vance & Zane RAW
Release date: April 17, 2009. Running Time: 21:49 Mins

Video Number: 484

Vance seems to have taken a liking to bottoming especially if he gets to top.

His one requirement - Not to have the guy's dick too big.


Vance and Zane's schedules aligned and I was a bit optimistic (and evil!) thinking Vance could take Zane's big 'ole cock. And boy does he ever! It's fun to watch Zane fuck him, not realizing how big his dick is, splitting Vance in two.

The great thing about Zane, is he is equally happy being fucked, and Vance literally fucks the cum out of him.

So much great raw action in this video! Flip Flop fucking, kissing, and cum play!

03. CM0517 Ivan & Vance RAW
Release date: July 10, 2009. Running Time: 22:09 Mins

Video Number: 517

Ivan is headed off for foreign lands, and he wanted to do a video before being out of commission for a while.

He figured he would go out with a bang, and finally agreed it was time for him to not only suck some dick, but to take it up the ass.

I wanted someone who had experience but wouldn't split him in two and scare him away from doing more.

Vance was just the man, and I thought I would get out the 'ole massage table to do the scene on.

Usually the "top" takes control, and Ivan has struggled with knowing what to do.

So it is great to see him be more passive, and Vance takes control of the situation.

What is so awesome about this video is Ivan is clearly turned on by this. His dick rarely wilts, and it's so cool to see his dick hard with a butt plug up his ass, and a cock in his mouth!

In between takes, he was basically commenting, "Golly gee, I think I can cum while being fucked!" Duh! He was always very skeptical that the guys he was fucking were actually enjoying it.

Never one to pass up that opportunity, we recycled the "on his back, legs in the air" position. Vance tentatively fucked him until he nuts. He pulls out just as he is cumming, but overall, a pretty good "fuck the cum out of your buddy" shot. You can tell Vance thinks Ivan will not nut if he pokes him too much, but Ivan is yelling "Harder!" What a reversal!

Vance has a tough time playing catch up, so it takes  him a minute or two to bust. Ivan's dick goes down, but the cum is still wet when Vance nuts all over Ivan's spent cock.

It's a very hot video where Ivan finally gets a cock in his mouth and ass!

04. CM0532 Nash & Vance RAW
Release date: August 21, 2009. Running Time: 21:01 Mins

Video Number: 532

Talk about two evenly matched players!

Visually, I just thought Nash and Vance would look amazing together. They are about the same size and height, and they both were good for a flip-flop fuck.

Vance still struggles with bottoming, but Nash treated him right and I think this is the first time he realized he could get off to it.

As for Nash, well, we know we can make him nut by getting fucked, and I just love an ending where you can see he is clearly being fucked and busting his load. The intensity is amazing!

Vance took advantage of the fact he was close too, and continued to fuck Nash long after he cums. Certainly not the most comfortable thing to happen for the bottom. He gets himself close then pulls out and adds ropes of his jizz to Nash's. A BIG creamy load!

Great energy and great sex for a sizzling pairing!

05. CM0581 Shaun & Vance RAW
Release date: November 20, 2009. Running Time: 19:38 Mins

Video Number: 581

Shaun suggested from the outset that he thought he should bottom first, ostensibly because he didn't think he could stay hard enough to top. Does this make someone Born to Be a Bottom?

In his case, I kind of think so. Like Degan, he tends to bliss out and gets full-on rock hard once he is finally getting fucked.

Shaun even thought he could cum while being fucked. Vance hammered him and they fucked with fast-paced precision for quite a while. Eventually Shaun requested a slow pace, and that did the trick. He was spilling a giant load in no time.

Vance adds his load to Shaun's load, making for a lot of baby batter!

06. CM0557 Kay & Vance RAW
Release date: December 21, 2009. Running Time: 13:10 Mins

Video Number: 557

I thought I would start of this End of Year Blow Out with a quickie.

If you pay attention to the film dates, you can see I filmed this about 6 months ago.  Kay went on to work for quite a few sites, and as this was his first time sucking dick, it seemed a bit unbelievable. But as far I as I know, it was his first time.

I kind of wanted him having to suck dick as the the focus of the beginning of the video. I asked Vance to massage his back and ass, all the while keeping his cock within sucking range. Not really forcing him to suck his dick, but just putting it out there.

Kay also was also still new to fucking, as this was only his second time.  Vance had to take it easy, but they do finally ramp it up and Kay gets properly fucked.

If you like Kay or Vance, you will enjoy this short film of them, but overall, I would likely not have released this video but for the Marathon.

As usual with these marathons, I try to not have a bunch of solos, so I wanted to start off with a sex film, so I hope you will enjoy this quickie!

07. CM0649 Antonio & Vance RAW
Release date: May 7, 2010. Running Time: 17:40 Mins

Video Number: 649

I thought it would be interesting to put hairy Vance with shaved-up Antonio.

Antonio likes to bottom, and Vance definitely likes to top and be a little bossy.

So it turned out to be a good match-up, even though I think Antonio was a bit nervous his first time being filmed.

They both made lots of noise. A bit of dirty talking to spice things up! Antonio was so loud that he was blowing the mics out a bit. He was WAY into it!

Antonio tried to ride Vance's cock, and I don't think they both achieved a good rhythm. Vance's dick kept popping out, but hey, we get to see a lot of inserts!

As for the ending, I don't think I have ever seen Vance nut as much as he did today!

What's cool, but you can't tell, is Antonio drops his legs to nut and after a minute or two ramps up and shoots, all while Vance's cum is sticky in his ass.

Normally if the guys don't shoot at the same time, we do a little clean-up, (I know you have seen dried cum when both models clearly didn't nut at about the same time!). But not Antonio. I think he got off the cum oozing around and it totally made him nut all that much faster!

08. CM0674 Lansing, Van & Vance TagTeam RAW
Release date: June 25, 2010. Running Time: 24:09 Mins

Video Number: 674

Lansing's first sex video was with Vance, and I have always wanted to do another one with them, sans the rubber. I thought a re-match would be great but wanted to add a twist to it- that twist being Van!

I have a bottle-neck of too many models needing work, and mixing & matching is getting tougher as some of the guys won't bottom.  Top heavy as usual.  This time though, I was a little bottom heavy.

Lansing and Van have primarily bottomed, so I thought they would look good together being fucked. So why not combine these three taste treats together.

Vance, being the veteran, takes charge and for most of the shoot Van is Lansing and Vance's bottom boy. I get such a kick out of seeing Lansing top. He's really pretty good, taking nice long strokes so you can see his long veiny shaft dip in and out.

After Vance and Lansing finish fucking Van, Lansing gets on his back to get fucked by Vance.  Van bends down and sucks on his cock, and the look on Lansing's face as he tries to not cum is fun to watch.

Typical of TagTeam videos, it runs a little long, so I basically had everyone cum at different times to keep it under 24 minutes.

Continuity is a bit off as I just edit them together, but you have to catch Lansing's cum shot!

It shoots out of him like a laser beam, and you can see Lansing trying to stifle a laugh, as he must have shot five or six feet!

09. CM0794 Stone & Vance RAW
Release date: March 25, 2011. Running Time: 15:03 Mins

Video Number: 794

You guys probably guessed that once I saw Stone and all his natural body hair, I just had to put him with Vance so we could have a furfest!

Stone's first time fucking a dude. Pretty nervous. He likes anal sex anyway, and he chills pretty quickly. Still, you can tell it is his first time.

Vance takes him through the motions, and Stone gets more and more into it. That disbelieving smile like, "I can't believe I am actually doing this with another dude!" soon turns to the serious business of fucking.

Vance has never really been keen on bottoming, but I think he has always ended up with really big cocked guys. I still feel a little twinge of guilt having Zane fuck him...oops!

But this time he liked that Stone's cock was like his own and even got off to the oral.  The guys seem to respond better if the cock is just like theirs.

It also turned to pleasure for Vance when he got fucked, and I think, and now I'm not entirely sure, but I think it is the first time Vance came when a guy was actually fucking him. I could be wrong 'cuz I certainly haven't seen all of his videos for other production companies (I actually I have only seen part of one only).  But he sure seemed surprised that it made him nut AND was more intense.

And Stone got all "pro" for the ending, delivering a nice creamy load to Vance's hole.

There is still that bit of mechanical-ness to the video when you have straight guys who just don't let themselves go, but overall, I think it was a fine pairing, and Stone certainly is now ready to do more work soon!

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