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College Boy Physicals - Bro Job At The Docs Office - Jade White and Kurt Walters
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I was feeling under the weather..I seen a whole bunch of kids with the flu so I decided to go to the doc's to make sure I didn't have anything. I was feeling weak and a bit dizzy so I asked my dorm mate to come with me just in case I passed out or somethin' . The waiting room was packed with people but finally my turn came up...the doc was taking care of so many that I had to wait with my new buddy...I had seen him check my dick out at the dorm. I'd seen that look before..the look of somebody on the DL that likes to suck cock. Heck..what better time to break the ice than now so, I pulled out my dick and asked him to suck it. He didn't skip a beat and went straight for it. I busted a little in his mouth but I don't think he cared...I think he mighta liked it.

Feb 8, 2018
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