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Raging Stallion - Monster Bang - Pokin' in the Boys Room
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With the release of Monster Bang #5: Pokin' in the Boys Room, Raging Stallion has pushed the envelope like never before in order to bring you the hottest sex ever captured on film. Cumming in at over two and a half hours long, with a cast of huge stars and 5 never-before-filmed studs, Pokin' presents a twisted tale that is certain to pop your cork! There is no doubt about it Pokin' in the Boys Room is the most ambitious, alluring, and alarming movie Raging Stallion has ever released! Watch as man after man fires load after load of stringy white hot cum directly into the faces of eager, hungry bottoms. That's right! Pokin' is the first major movie in almost 20 years that brings you oral cum shots! With the driving musical beat that only JD Slater can compose, Pokin' in the Boys Room presents the most satisfying erotic movie of the year!
What's it all about? Well, here's the story in a nutshell. Big dicked monster dong Michael Brandon teams up with filthy boy-toy Tag Adams and opens a bar that caters to the "straight crowd." It's a nice neighborhood joint where young straight dudes bring their chicks for an evening out. But this bar seems to be more popular than most... Michael and Tag know all about these "straight" guys, and they know what will get them off and keep them cummin' back for more: they have set up the most trashy toilet T room of all time. As the gals hang out at the bar waiting for their men, they wonder why takin' a piss takes so long. But bartender Brandon plies them with liquor to keep them distracted while their men get the ultimate in all-man sexual satisfaction. (Note that the DVD has two versions of this movie--one an all-male, all sex spectacular, and the other, a full version with dozens of extras. In the full version the girls play non sex roles, but you will never see them if you watch the all sex version.)

1. Michael Brandon, Taurus
Our pageant of penis poppin' perversion begins with Michael Brandon and tight little hot bod Taurus (who flew in from France for this shoot) fuckin around before the bar opens. Conveniently there is a pool table available, and before long the two of them are banging balls into every pocket! For fans of huge dicked fuck fests, this scene is a show stopper that is one of the greatest performances of superstar Brandon's career. Can it be that this man just keeps getting better and better? Judge for yourself, but as Chris Ward will tell you, this is Brandon's finest scene of all time! Taurus takes it like a man, screaming filthy things in French, pushing his open hole towards Michael's pool stick. The fucking that takes place is so over the top that words cannot describe the sensations that Taurus must have felt in his pink ass! And then the cum shots! At this point you really start to understand that this is no normal porn movie. As spurt after spurt of jiz ejaculates from both cocks, hungry tongues lap it up, tasting the reward of overwhelming sexual stimulation. Its down and dirty and it will make your mouth water!

2. Tag Adams, Mario Ortiz, Taurus
Cover model and Pokin' star Tag Adams takes center stage for the next scene. We find him lurking in the bathroom, squatting in a stall, searching for wandering man meat. This is his job at the bar--to keep the guys cummin back night after night. As he waits we see his beautiful body from all angles. We wait with him, fondling ourselves quietly, waiting to see who will cum in next for a piss. Then, a noise....a step, a grunt--the sounds of a straight man entering the room. It's none other than hot latin mega hunk Mario Ortiz who arrives at the open trough to let loose a strong stream of steaming piss. Tag, watching from a giant glory hole (big enough to hold a fuckable ass) can't wait to get a taste of Mario's south-of-the-border jiz. Mario takes the hint, although he has some doubts about whether this is the right thing to do....Needless to say, some amazing carnal action ensues, made even more criminal with the addition of Taurus. This three way ends with Ortiz getting off big time, and Tag making porn history by lappin it up and takin it down. Tag and Taurus continue at it, while Mario heads back to his date at the bar.

3. Montaz Morgan, Taurus, Tag Adams
Enter bathroom left Montaz, Raging Stallion's major new discovery and exclusive model! This man has what it takes--a chiseled body, a stunning, bearded face, and some of the best tattoos we have ever seen--including a strikingly beautiful cock covered in ink. As soon as you see him you will want to see his amazing shaft pounding in and out of a tight muscle butt--and you don't have to wait very long to see it happen. When Tag gets his first look at Montaz, his mouth waters for a taste! He bends over backwards and takes it up the ass in a great fuck session that was as fun to film as it is to watch. After his hole is satisfied, Tag heads back to the bar to help Brandon serve the clients, leaving Montaz and Taurus to continue the unstoppable bathroom sex romp.
Taurus, from France, and Montaz, from Germany, go at it full bore--one could call it a rematch of the historic battle of the bulge. With both French and German filth coming from their mouths, these two men show you what world class sex is all about, fucking in position after position until the cum is flowing into open mouths. Wow! We are now over 90 minutes into the movie and it's only just getting started!

4. Taurus, Peter Pfalz
German dick and cum tasted pretty good, or so thought Taurus. So when Montaz heads back to his unsuspecting girlfriend, Taurus smiles with delight as another, tall, angular German Stud marches into the room. This guy, however, is not a pushover. Taurus waits, tapping the floor, watching and stroking inside one of the stalls. Our Aryan superhero--his name is Peter Pfalz and this is his first movie as well--gets the sense he is being watched. And he likes it. In a turnabout-is-fair-play vengeance scene, Taurus decides to fuck this German just as hard as the previous German fucked him. I guess this is how wars get started, but no matter what, the fireworks on display in this pairing will leave you panting, pounding, and pissed that you are not there with them. This scene really captures the entire feel of furtive T Room sex, filmed only as Team Raging Stallion can!

5. Jason Dean, Erik Campbell
Now we come to the fifth or sixth sex scene--the action in this film is so fluid and ongoing that it is hard to count actual scenes. This time we have a young, urban man--Jason Dean, who needs a bathroom fix. This is one of his first films, and he will be a major star. His face is beautiful, and he has a body to match. He is in the toilet for a reason, and it ain't to take a crap! Moments after he arrives, in comes Erik Campbell, a major new black star who exudes sex with every move. And he has a huge, black, silky-smooth cock to satisfy any waiting hole. A blow job soon turns to an all-anal plowing that practically splits Dean's ass in two. How do these bottoms take such gigantic cocks? Brandon and Ward sure know how to find their men!

6. Tag Adams, Jason Dean, Erik Campbell, Michael Brandon
The volume gets turned up as the movie heads past the two hour point and shifts into high gear. Tag is back and joins Jason and Erik to start off the grand finale of this shocking film. Alternating between Tag and Dean, Erik fucks the snot out of both voracious bottoms, delivering the kind of pounding that you can only find in a Monster Bang movie! They go at it full tilt, getting almost to the cumming point when Michael Brandon comes in to finish off the night. When Brandon enters a room, even the tops become bottoms, and top dog Erik Campbell becomes Brandon's first man-bitch as he opens up Erik's virgin hole with his world famous cock. It's an initiation that Erik will never forget! And guess what? He likes it!
Move over Erik, and step up Jason Dean! Jason is a bit hesitant--he has just seen Erik's ass hole pounded to shreds and wonders with both titillation and trepidation about what is going to happen to him. His hole rises to the occasion and he takes an even greater fuck than Erik! The shots of Jason's open hole are amazing and represent porn at its filthy best. This is a fuck that both Jason and you will remember forever!

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