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TeenBoysStudios - Andreas Nilsen & Leo Alfano - Part II
The Best Twink Massage in Town - Part II

Even though Andreas Nilsen is working hard to please his customer he's having so much fun, kneeling on the table while Leo Alfano's long uncut cock slides deep inside his tender hole. He's thoroughly experienced in all manner of massage techniques, but his tight little chute is an area of specific skill for the young professional. Taking it from behind he gently moves back and forth encouraging his customer to get a little more rough, to go deeper, to speed up just a little. Leo knows how to please, slapping Andreas' smooth cheeks and pumping his erection in and out with increased vigor. Andreas has a tight massaging hole as it is but when he lays on his side his cheeks offer an even tighter experience for the young man, his smooth mounds offering more resistance and longer contact as Leo continues to ease in and out. Finally on his back and with his prostate being tenderly stroked inside Andreas is close to delivering his own finale, something he knows his customers love to see. He grabs his smooth and long cock, stroking himself as Leo pulls his cock free to watch the semen splash, his own creamy reward not too far away. Andreas beings to climax, his breathing heavy and his balls pulling up, semen gushing from this erection to splash over his smooth body. Leo is already a happy visitor, but when he offers his incredible young cock for Andreas to suck the cream from he's made a loyal customer for years to come, flooding the young professional's talented mouth with mess of teen cum that's soon flowing down his chin. It won't be long before Leo returns for another appointment.

Duration: 15:36

Part I was uploaded not long ago.
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