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Treasure Island - Mexican Brother Fuckers
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Some guys say that men fuck the same the world over. But that’s just not the case. You blindfold a guy and line up guys from different parts of the world and the bottom will be able to tell where they’re from by how they fuck. The men of Mexico have a style of fucking that leaves the rest of the world in the dust. They get down to it, hard and dirty and rough. Cock is king in Mexico and if you had any doubts about that being true, sit back and watch “Brother Fuckers,” our latest feature from TIM Mexico. In case you’re wondering about the title, check out the last amazing scene in which two actual brothers fuck each other. They’re the Perez brothers and are notorious in Mexico City where they’ve been bro-balling on stage and in clubs. They go at it with the kind of crazy passion that only comes with knowing your mate as well as you know your own blood. You’re gonna love this one. Paul Morris

Stars:   Tom Perez   Jairo Perez   Mike (TIM)   Lalo Santos   El Malas   Dilan (TIM)   Jimmy   Bruno   Xavier   David (TIM)   Eddy X   Joss   Abraham (TIM)   Leo-Ing   Eric Alonso

Length: 1:44:12
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