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[GayFruit] Mens Games
Oh my goodness what a lovely change, two real men tickling. Two really toned and muscled guys tickling. A heady change indeed and what a completely erotic tickle from start to finish. The sight of Rod enjoying every inch of Cal's magnificent body and every second of tickling him is just too much. Cal's shock and laughter when his feet are licked is outstanding and I am surprised that neither guy popped a boner, mind you they are both so well hung it would need wide screen if they did. Cal's pits are glowing from finger tickling and the small brush and the veins on his whole body stand out as he strains under the never resting fingers of Rod. Rod is a real expert tickler and gets some of the best laughter from Cal, a real deep masculine laugh that booms around the room. Those feet are so soft for man and the brush and the licking really make a super little scene on their own. Fat cocks waving round and pits being brushed all jumbled up with gales of giggles and laughter - keep the tissues handy for this clip. Two naked hung uncut guys in a tickle to remember.
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