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Rascal Video C1R - Taken - To The Lowest Level DVD
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Running Time: 192 minutes

Released:   04/2011

Studio Name:   Rascal Video  Channel 1 Releasing

Director:   Chi Chi LaRue

Cast: Johnny Hazzard, Tyler Saint, Josh West, Blake Riley, Derek Da Silva, Zane Jacobs, Lucas Knowles, Domenic Pacifico, Jeremy Bilding, Diesel Washington, David Taylor, Phillip Aubrey, Luke Cassidy, Zack Jamison, Adam Killian, Chad Manning, Shane Risk, Mitchell Rock.

Pretty, blond Phillip watches a video of dark, elemental Adam writhing from stirrups hung in a room walled with dirty, cracked mirrors. In his excitement Phillip tightens his belt around his throat and suddenly appears near Adam, both clad in nasty jocks. Groping his crotch, Phillip watches Adam rise and fall sinuously as his reflections and imposing physical reality mix and separate sensuously and powerfully at dizzying speed. Adam beats his swollen cock savagely, but needs more. Grabbing a candle, he uses it as a dildo, switching it and his probing fingers from his tight snatch to his mouth, licking greedily all the while. Squatting to jack some more, several mirrors reflect and lose him. Sucking to lube a dildo, he works it between his rounded, tanned cheeks, spitting on mirrors as his hole stretches. Awestruck, Phillip wanks silently. Grabbing his own hefty meat, Adam roars loudly, but the result is a prolonged, staccato golden shower cascading down his magnificent torso. Then, he wanks mightily until spooge stains the filthy floor mirror. After Phillip sprays his own abs, Adam grabs his throat, as the belt did, and spits into his open mouth. Gauzy, backlit photography shows him leading Phillip away by the throat.

Wandering, Phillip enters a mildewed, ramshackle room where Johnny and Derek make out slowly and wetly until Johnny kneels to suck observer Zane's long, straight cock as Derek pulls his own tit rings and chest hair excitedly. Johnny's excellent cocksucking excites Phillip, who rubs his own throat. Derek unpacks his own uncut meat and Johnny returns pronto, followed by Zane. Somehow, Derek survives two hungry men sharing his cock and swollen balls. Derek roughly rims Johnny's perfect snatch and cabooses in a deep, tandem doggie fuck over a table as Johnny swings succulently. After lightly whipping Johnny's back, Derek ties him to a cross. Derek and Zane, making out intermittently, slowly pour molten candle wax all over Johnny's chest, jock, legs, and flexing biceps. As cooling wax falls, Zane milks Johnny. Zane and Derek each sprinkle Johnny's thigh before Derek's sultry group kiss has bystander Phillip painting his hand white. More Adam and throat!

Phillip crouches in a low cage with widely spaced bars. Shadows intertwine on the wall as mean, buff, black Diesel rides down on Phillip. Grabbing Phillip's throat, he spits in his mouth as Chad spits on Lucas' cock to moistly nibble foreskin and slowly, fully suck cock. Phillip's pale eyes widen as Diesel angrily shoves magnificent, mahogany meat down his throat. After fingering Chad's round butt, Lucas feeds him the fingers and kisses him slowly. Diesel fucks face, but Phillip loves it, almost deep throating the monster. After Lucas dogs Chad some, Diesel arranges all three men, asses up, to rim them so thoroughly, roughly, wetly, and long that pussies gape open as Chad and Phillip make out. Phillip's ass nearly splits as he rides Diesel and they make out sloppily, but he wails when the Diesel forcefully pistons upward into his stretched pussy. Diesel next drills down into Phillip's upturned snatch as he deep throats Lucas. He slides Phillip up and down his massive shaft while Chad gorges on Lucas' magnificent nuts. Lucas pisses on Chad's face and chest, which momentarily interrupts the blowjob and foreskin play. As Phillip showers gold down into Diesel's mouth, he spits it back lustily as he wanks. Sucking Phillip's cock clean, Diesel sucks dick and balls together in a magnificent blowjob. After spraying Phillip's armpit, Diesel licks it clean as Phillip sprays the floor. Diesel has Lucas and Chad unload on Phillip's torso. Backlit, Adam drags Phillip off.

Phillip spies beautiful Blake straddling divine David on an exercise bench. Kissing intensely, their faces slowly glisten as they briefly notice Phillip stroking his crotch and throat. After rubbing both holes a while, Blake massages David's massive pecs and arms, and glares at Phillip before chewing David's rubbery nipples and taut jock, deep throating golden cock the moment it pops out. Going wild on David's meat and balls, Blake pushes hungry Phillip aside when he approaches. Avidly munching nuts totally wets David's crotch, so Blake returns to sloppy, frenzied making out while running his pretty crack over wet cock. David's kisses ravage Blake's torso and he strokes pit as he plies wet tongue to knob and nuts. Smothering kisses stoke Blake's fire as David splits that beautiful ass in slow dog action. Blake rides the golden pole, but David soon thrusts mightily up into him. A handy hose enables douche action all over David's cock. Blake gives himself a golden shower, followed by David pissing on Blake's cock as both wank. After spraying his own abs, Blake massages David's pecs until he unloads on the floor. A slow hot kiss fades to Adam and Phillip.

Josh, Tyler, Dominic, and Zack slowly circle crouching Shane's low cage. When four meaty, swollen cocks touch heads in a cross above the circular opening in the panel topping the cage, Shane strains upward hungrily, but can only reach high enough for cock to teasingly graze his lips and thwack his tongue. Released, he kneels and sucks his way around a quartet of buff, hung men. Thrown atop the cage, he hungrily inhales whatever cock enters his mouth, as Phillip haunts the perimeter casually stroking back and ass before sucking young Shane's rock hard dick. Upending Shane, five talented tongues rim twink snatch with virtuosity in two separate rounds. After Josh cornholes Dominic over the cage, Dominic goes missionary on lucky Tyler as Phillip makes out with them both and Shane rims and sucks Phillip as space allows. Three men lean against the cage and Shane rides each pole at length before leaning against the cage to wank as the quintet liberally unloads spunk all over his torso before Shane wets abs himself as backlit Adam pulls Phillip away with a belt wrapped around his neck.

Jeremy fingers crack and hole, feeding eager Luke, who chews his jock so hard Jeremy's balls almost pop out as bodybuilder Mitchell watches, stroking himself. Despite Luke's attentive sucking, trembling Jeremy makes a beeline for Mitchell's when he unpacks meat and observant Lucas resignedly but resolutely fingers himself, eating the result like movie popcorn. Adam brings Phillip in and they make out heatedly before Phillip sucks Adam's dark, enormous cock. Pushing Mitchell against a cross, Adam rims him totally and then kisses him as the other three rim Mitchell in turn. As Luke sucks him greedily, spit runs down Mitchell's dark, swollen bag. A riveting sexual riot takes place around Adam, who eventually reins in the action with a large dildo bearing a raised diamond pattern to scrape Mitchell's pussy as Adam slowly pushes it deep into him, licking his balls as Phillip sucks his cock. After three men loudly unload spooge on Phillip, he is alone with Adam. Unloading mightily himself, Adam chokes Phillip and submerges his face in water until viewer Phillip hits the floor and, regaining consciousness, loosens the belt around his neck.

This overlong review describes perhaps half the action that unfolds in this long, fast-paced, and wonderful film. It should become a porn classic of beautiful men enflaming raunchy, seamy, low sex for stunned viewers craving more of the same.

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