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Randy Blue - Dicked Down
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When Nick Sterling cums it's like his whole body collects every ounce of it's sexual energy and shoots it out through his big thick cock, leaving his sweaty muscular body looking like he's just had the most intense workout. It all started while training with his workout buddy, Brett Swanson. They started with a simple workout but it didn't take long before Nick's hormones kicked in and he was rimming Brett's hot bubble butt, getting it ready for a really hardcore ass pounding. And really, who doesn't wish they could act out their own gay porn in the middle of a gym? Brett's cocksucking got Nick so hard he couldn't wait to tap that ass. And tap it he did until both of them were shooting their loads all over Brett's smooth muscular chest.

Alexander Kudrov and Nicco Sky are so different from one another. Nicco is more experienced while Alexander is still really new. Nicco has his gorgeous Latino features with that delicious honey brown skin, deep dark eyes and fiery passion while Alexander is all blonde hair and blue eyes, with an innocent manner that you just want to see be corrupted by some hot sweaty mansex. And that Russian accent drives all the Randy Blue models crazy. But as different as they are they both have killer bodies, with rippling abs, smooth marble like pecs, and firm round asses. Nicco works a cock like nobody's business while Alexander takes a more careful and tender approach. But once he's rock hard and horny he bangs Nicco's ass for all it's worth.

When Max London met Sean Everett he went from zero to sixty in seconds flat. Sean started sucking his cock, which is framed by a fiery patch of neatly trimmed red pubes. Sean swallowed it whole, taking it all the way down his extremely talented throat. Max started face fucking him and Sean couldn't keep his hand off of his own huge uncut cock. He was totally got off being used as Max London's plaything and really, who wouldn't be? Then Max flipped him over, spit on his hole and worked it so well with his tongue that it became a hungry pit of emptiness with Sean begging for it to be filled.

Dean Wildwood and Raphael Cedano are both so hot in their own right but watching them in action together will get your cock rock hard and begging for attention. Dean, with the spread of light body hair in all the right places, six-pack abs and athletic muscle, looks like a horny gym jock lifting weights and working on his gorgeous body. Raphael is a perfect compliment, smooth honey brown skin, handsome features and a body that just won't quit. He's got nice full lips that felt so good wrapped around Dean's long slender dick and you can see by his expression that he's loving it.
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