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Boys Halfway House - Incident 172: Double Whammy Bareback! Patrick Gentry and Hunter Gold
18/19Ass Play / FingeringBarebackBlowjobCum in MouthCum SwallowingFacialFuckingOne on TwoPOVSlappingStr8
Although some guys are loners, and act by themselves when they break the rules, more often than not, these losers act in concert with each other. Whether due to a lack of fortitude or simply a wish to spread the blame once they get caught, they conspire together and hope for the best. This route, of course, does not work any better. But for the House Managers, sometimes it can mean a bonus. Why fuck one dumbass when you can fuck two at once?

These brats definitely had it coming, too. And neither of them were too happy about the punishment either. But having both of them work on my cock was a sheer delight for me. They play, they pay. And I loved every minute of it. After having each of them hold my dick while the other worked it with his tongue and mouth, I dove right into the older one's hole while the younger one help his legs up in the air. The sheer look of horror on the newbie's face almost made me laugh. But he sure wasn't laughing, especially when I licked my finger and started massaging his prostate. The little guy is tight as hell, and it took me a while to work in, but once I had, it was golden. I fucked that little prick so hard that he was gaping like the entrance to Mammoth Caves. I rolled him over and choked him out, then began fingering the first one. I went back and forth on their holes like it was a smorgasbord.

After I was done shoving my cock in their delinquent holes, I pulled out and had them jerk me off until I was close, then I nutted in both of their mouths. I got a good spray of fifty percent of my jizz in each one, too. The fucking whores deserved more than that, but hey - what can you do?
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