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Matt Sterling Collection - Huge Video - Stryker Force (1987)
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Jeff Stryker, the demigod of Dynasty-era porn, manages to keep his hair perfectly coiffed as he runs amok through the perilous untamed jungle in search of buried treasure. Despite the danger lurking around every palm tree, Stryker and his "force" find the time to go spelunking in each other’s asscaves.

1. Jim Pulver At, Ted Dowell Ab
John Farley describes for Jeff Stryker and cousin Dutch (Steve Hammond) how he came to leave a fortune in diamonds deep in the heart of a distant jungle. He implores the two adventurous men to combine forces and recover the loot, but Jeff has his misgivings...he's always found something a little off and unsavory about cousin Dutch...especially a recent confrontation between flashback.

2. Ted Dowell Og, Steve Hammond Or
"Dutch" (Steve Hammond) is hanging out at the tracks with his buddies, pounding a few beers and bonding. He notices Jim Pulver and Ted Dowell climbing into an empty boxcar for a little privacy. Once inside, Ted drops to his knees and deep-throats Jim's thick cock. He sucks and sucks, prepping Jim's rod for its eventual implantation into Ted's ass. Jim fucks Ted hard, first on his back, then from behind...pumping hard and fast...working Ted into a frenzy of lust. When the two studs have launched their loads over each other, they discover that Dutch and his buds are on their way over to give the fags a bruising. Jim confronts Dutch and Jeff Stryker shows up just in time to fend off cousin Dutch...the rabid homophobe.

3. Kevin Williams Ab, Steve Hammond At
Ted Dowell conveys his astonishment at Dutch’s (Steve Hammond) crazy fag-bashing behavior…especially since only a few weeks ago, Dutch was eager for Ted to deep-throat his thick cock…Ted remembers his garage encounter with Dutch and how Dutch enjoyed the feel of Ted’s mouth on his cock. Over and over Ted lovingly throated Dutch’s prick and Dutch matched his mouth rhythm with pelvic thrusts…how Dutch could turn on Ted so quickly was a baffling notion. Even Jeff was astonished that tough cousin Dutch is actually a closet case.
Meanwhile, flashback to present…Jeff Stryker, Doug Cory and Robert Harris are slogging through the jungle in search of the missing diamonds. Jungleboy Gavin Jeffrey watches the adventurers from his lair in the forest canopy.
Kevin Williams and Dutch (Steve Hammond) are also in search of the treasure and they’re both sweaty and exhausted. Dutch is hungry for a tropical quickie and Kevin is eager to help him out…planting himself on all fours and inviting Dutch in for a stiff solid fuck. Dutch plants his cock deep in the blond boy’s ass…pounding him harder and harder as Kevin moans for more. The tempo increases as the temperature rises and soon both Dutch and Kevin have spilled their seed over the leaf litter of the forest.

4. Jeff Stryker OgAt, Robert Harris OrAb, Doug Cory OgAt
In one of the most famous scenes in gay porn history, Stryker leads comrades Robert Harris and Doug Corey in from the rain for a rest. The heat rises, and soon Harris is pleasing both hung studs, who take turns fucking him as the storm escalates.

5. Gavin Jeffrey solo
Deep in the jungle, Steve Hammond discovers adventurer Kevin Williams mired in quicksand (both in non-sexual roles). As Steve pulls Kevin out, jungle boy Gavin Jeffrey watches from the treetops. As Kevin, Steve, and Jeff Stryker regroup and venture off through the canopy, Gavin marvels at their muscled forms. His cock rises and he strokes himself off as he watches the adventurers disappear from view.

6. Jeff Stryker OrAt, Robert Harris Ab, Steve Hammond Og
Back home after their jungle adventures, Steve Hammond pays Jeff Stryker a visit and the two adversaries finally make nice. Steve lets his guard down and confesses his long-hidden affection for Jeff. The two men suddenly feel free to surrender to their passions and find happiness in each other's manly arms, celebrating everything thrilling and wonderful about man-on-man love.
[As stunt-ass, Robert Harris bottoms in Steve Hammond's place.]

action notes:  O=Oral; A=Anal; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;

Length: 1:08:40
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