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Jake Cruise - Straight guys for gay eyes - Beyond Straight - kevin Crows, Landon Mycles & Addison O’Riley
Normally it would be ill advised to the the girl that comes between two
best friends, but in Addison’s case, she’s the girl that cums between
two best friends. Landon walks in to find his now ex-girlfriend, Addison,
sucking his best friend Kevin’s dick. Landon is pissed but he wants her
back and is willing to do anything Addison says. Addison will consider
taking Landon back but not before she gets her fill of both guys in bed.
Once the action starts to heat up, she easily convinces the guys to take
it a little further…and a little further with each other. With a little
coercion she has them sucking cock, eating ass, and even manages to talk
Landon into getting fucked by Kevin! Getting fucked feels so good that
Landon blows his load with Kevin still inside him. It’s Kevin’s turn next
and he launches a HUGE load which all three swap in cummy kisses. A sticky
mess, Kevin leaves to grab a shower and it’s revealed Landon and Addison
were in on the three-way all along! It was a trick to get Kevin to fuck
Landon and he bought it hook, line and sinker!
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