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Hot House - Plain Wrapped Heads or Tails 1 & 2
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Heads Or Tails Parts 1 & 2 let you listen in on the erotic confessions of real-life lovers as they talk about their favorite butt-stretching activities and then act them out for the cameras. Featuring "boy next door" Hot House Exclusive Ryan Lexington with experienced pigs Lance Gear, Tom Vaccaro, Jackson Price, Jeff Allen, Scott Kelly, Austin Masters, Mike Vista and Tony Scalia, these hot studs having wide-open, ass-splitting sex will leave you gasping in astonishment!


Heads or Tails Part 1 2000 - 79 minutes
Directed by Chris Ward & J.D. Slater

Scene 1. Ryan Lexington
Hot House Exclusive Ryan Lexington kneels on a leather-covered bed, moaning wildly as he jams a long, fleshy dildo into his perfect tight hole. He builds into a sweaty fervor as he rides the fleshy yardstick deep inside; but Ryan's ass wants width as well as length and he soon stuffs an oversized black dildo that looks more like a summer sausage than a sex toy into his widening pink pucker. Ryan rides the pole like a seasoned jockey, bumping and grinding to accommodate the toys intensive size.

Scene 2. Lance Gear, Tom Vaccaro
Grunting sex pig Lance Gear hangs over the leather bed upside down as hairy hunk Tom Vaccaro eagerly tongues his ass. As much as Gear loves the tongue, it's Vaccaro's cock that he wants and he crawls down and bends over on the bed to take it. Vaccaro's beefy pole rocks Lance like a jackhammer, pounding him hard and deep. Intercut between fucking, Lance talks about his favorite kind of cock and the best features of his ass and Vaccaro talks about his cock and his favorite type of bottom.

Scene 3. Lance Gear, Ryan Lexington, Tom Vaccaro
Lance Gear and Tom Vaccaro get Ryan Lexington on the bed, his ass thrust up majestically for Vaccaro to finger. The hairy Mediterranean pries him open with three or four digits before opening him up for his thumb and, with a little coaxing and ass-slapping from Lance, he takes the fist. Lexington's panting hole swallows Vaccaro up to the wrist and doesn't seem to want to give it back to its owner. Vaccaro moves deep inside the blonde bottom, then pulls out to reveal Lexington's sweet pulsing manhole. Lexington, of course, wants the fist back and rides Vaccaro's forearm like a bicycle once he gets it. The three end their sweaty session in a series of passionate kisses and loud climaxes.

Scene 4. Jackson Price
After a few short words about his ass fetish, smooth muscle-stud Jackson Price begins shoving things up his hole. Starting with a small buttplug, he writhes on the leather sheets and works himself up to take a thick upright dildo. It's a tough task for any ass, but this muscle-ripped bottom manages to keep himself hot and hard while swallowing the gargantuan ass-tool. He tops even himself by twisting his arm and fisting his own ass in a mind-blowing sequence. As a climax, Price waxes his thick cock while bounching up and down on a monster buttplug, cumming across the rubber sheets.

Scene 5. Jeff Allen, Scott Kelly
Real-life couple Jeff Allen and Scott Kelly talk about their steamy relationship and then show us how they make it work! Scott gets Jeff on his back and pulls his ass open, licking and fingering his partner's pink hole. Next Jeff gets on his knees and down to action. Scott slowly pries at Jeff's ass before pushing his fist in and whipping his committed man slave into a frenzy, eventually plugging him with a huge black dildo and a vase-sized black buttplug. The two finish their scene intimately, first with a ferocious fist fuck then with a cum-splashed ride on Scott's cock.


Heads or Tails Part 2 2000 - 76 minutes
Directed by Chris Ward & J.D. Slater

Scene 1. Austin Masters, Lance Gear, Mike Vista, Tony Scalia, Ryan Lexington
Lance Gear can't stop stuffing his mouth with cock. Daddy Austin Masters is happy to supply Gear with his thick curved member, which Lance works like a starving man on a meaty bone. Masters lowers his leather pants to give Gear better access, then takes advantage of the situation by jamming his cock up Gear's white ass.  Mike Vista steps up to face fuck Gear as Tony Scalia observes the action from the side while being serviced by Ryan Lexington.

Scene 2. Tony Scalia, Mike Vista
Tony Scalia and Mike Vista get away from the crowd and start fucking around with an assortment of toys. Vista goes from the poker to the poked as he rides a sexy flesh- colored dong while Scalia eats his face and twists his nipples. They aren't alone for long, though. Gear comes in and takes a turn guiding a wide black dildo up Ryan Lexington's asshole. Austin Masters watches the action with a satisfactory smile - he's especially pleased when Vista's ass starts to blossom as he swallows the huge asstoy down to the base. Not one to be outdone, Lexington opens his back canal to a rubber cock so wide it will split the blond stud in half.

Scene 3. Lance Gear, Ryan Lexington, Tony Scalia, Austin Masters
Tony Scalia and Austin Masters gather round to coach Ryan Lexington into taking Lance Gear's fist. Lexington is a skilled bottom and rocks on and off Gear's fist and forearm, assisted by Masters and Scalia, who are eager to watch their boy get impaled. In fact, Scalia gets so hot that he takes a turn digging in Lexington's warm backyard. By the time daddy Austin Masters gets in on the action, the crew is close to losing their loads. Lexington lies back and pulls at his turgid pud, cumming just as Masters extracts his fist. As a reward for all his hard work, Scalia, Gear and Masters drench him in load after load of cum.

Scene 4. Ryan Lexington, Mike Vista, Tony Scalia
Ryan Lexington steps up to the plate to fist Mike Vista, churning up rivulets of precum in the versatile stud. Scalia is there to coach the two through it, but the guys hardly need him - the two are ass experts. Once again, Lexington's sphincter steals the spotlight when he decides he'd rather ride than be ridden. Lexington takes a two footer with a succession of baseball-sized speed-bumps, skillfully administered by rock hard Scalia. Scalia's cock wants a shot at Lexington's enviable hole and he takes time to pound that ass while Vista rams his cock down Lexington's deep throat. When he's not gagging and gasping, Lexington's groaning with pleasure; but it's Scalia that gets the final shot as he cums all over the man's sweet ass.

Scene 5. Mike Vista, Ryan Lexington, Tony Scalia
Everyone's had a chance to mine Ryan Lexington except Vista, who bends the boy over and inserts his fist. Scalia smiles at Vista, his cock resting on Lexington's head; he's been in there before. Vista pulls out of the hole and lets it breathe.

Scene 6. Tom Vaccaro, Lance Gear
Tom Vaccaro, the man who so enthusiastically ravaged Lance Gear in Heads or Tails 1, is back for more. He throws Gear on the bed and after some preliminary dry humping pokes his face into Lance's rear. Lance flips over and takes advantage of a hole in Vaccaro's jeans to swallow his thick sausage. It's hard to tell who likes what better, so Vaccaro and Gear sixty-nine, simultaneously allowing Vaccaro to eat Gear's ass while Gear sucks Vaccaro's dick nearly dry. Of course, Lance is just priming the pump -- he wants Vaccaro to bed him over and fuck him, which Vaccaro is more than happy to do as the men build to an incredible climax of sweat and cum.

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