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YMAC Video - Man's Best - Kazaks aka Cossacks (2002)
Studio: Man's Best/ Kalina Studio/ YMAC Video
Director: Vinnikow Sergej
Released: 2002
Location: Russia
Length: 1h 22m 44s
Resolution: 704p x 544p
Cast: Big Vanya, Bogdan, Kolya, Little Seryozha, Oleg, Petya, Roman, Vanya, Vasya

"Kazaks" is the name of a special military elite in Russia at the outset of the 18th century. They used to be the outpost of the Russian Border guard protecting the vastness of this country against foreign invaders. Their weaponry were sabers, fast galloping horses plus exceptional kazaki daring. Their way of life was an interminable chain of raids and adventures. There were spells of peace too, but that was not for long.

Nine of Kazakhstan's finest hunks from early to late twenties are here in Kazaks in six scenes. The undoubted star is Vasya, a Lukas Ridgeston type 22 year old fair-haired stud with a well developed smooth tanned body and a gorgeous thick veined cock. He is in three scenes. In the first of these, shaven-headed Vanya is grooming a horse when he sees Vasya approaching. They disappear behind a haystack so Vanya can slurp on Vasya's outstanding tool. Working nearby is tall slender Kolya, and he too is quickly on his knees sucking on Vasya's cock. They continue to share Vasya, and he fucks the other two's pouting lips until shoots his first thick and creamy load.

Petya is the youngest of the cast with blond curly hair topping an innocent face. He delivers a letter to Vanya, and there is a genuine look of surprise and sharp intake of breath as Vanya penetrates him. Petya later discovers burly little Seryozha deep in the woods jacking off. Petya sneaks up on him and starts to lick his balls and dick. Seryozha repays the favour by fucking his tight hole up against a tree until Petya sucks on his hairy balls so he can shoot his load.

The final scene starts as a six man group sex scene and ends as a gang bang, with Seryozha taking his five friends (including Petya) up his willing hole, ending the dvd covered in cum. If you enjoy Eastern European studs in possibly their first sexual encounter with other men, this dvd is a must for you.
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