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Tribal Pulse Production - The Cockpit Club
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Cast: Chaz Carlton, Jason Branch, Kyle Bradford, Peter Wilder, Sonny Markham, Talvin DeMachio, Tommy Saxx, Tony Acosta
Vince Bandero, Mickey Skee

You lose, you give up your ass at "The Cockpit Club", the underground wrestling club where the challenger puts his hole on the line. Six sizzling sex scenes lead up to the ultimate grudge match banger. HOT and horny studs suck, lick and fuck their way through the competition. Featuring a three-way with Kyle Bradford, Sonny Markham, and Tommy Saxx.
While it may be tempting to classify this video in the wrestling fetish category, I don't think it takes itself seriously enough in that respect. Most of the wrestling scenes are not fully completed, so hard-core wrestle fetish fans might be disappointed in the cheesy WWF-style staging of the fight sequences. Fans of hot butt sex, however (and who isn't these days?), will relish in the performances of its familiar cast.
As I said, this movie doesn't take itself the least bit seriously in regards to story line. It's part Fight Club, part high school drama club, as we are introduced to Kyle Bradford, a bouncer at a club where members of the "underground" wrestling scene hang out. Bradford tells the camera that he's "a lover, not a fighter" and then proves it - taking boyfriend, hottie Tommy Saxx, to the basement for some midday cock fighting. Bradford spends a great deal of time working over Saxx's dick and shaved-smooth hole as the camera gets right in there. After a few finger pokes, Bradford plows Saxx. The music and editing don't always match the intensity of the scene, with Bradford profusely sweating and the music winding lazily throughout. It's the equivalent of fucking in an elevator. Saxx pops with Bradford still pumping him, and Bradford gushes his own fat wad.
Our lovefest is interrupted when the bartender announces "Torque" is causing problems in the bar upstairs. Torque, as played by Vince Bandero, is a celebrity badboy in the underground gay wrestling circuit. Bradford jumps into bouncer mode, and it's obvious the cast does their own "stunt" work as a bar fight ensues. Bandero kicks some ass and sends Saxx into a coma.
The soap opera drama kicks in, as Bradford goes to Saxx's hospital room and vows to the unconscious Saxx, "to get even with Torque for this." And these are the days of our yada, yada, you get it. (Diedre Hall couldn't have said it better. The only thing missing was the single tear stopping halfway down the cheek.)  So Bradford turns to fight promoter Peter Wilder, to turn him from lover boy to bad boy so he can take on Torque and avenge his comatose lover. We finally get to actually wrestling in the video, with Talvin DeMachio, Jason Branch and Sonny Markham, looking pretty hot in wrestler singlets. The demo doesn't last very long, though, as Wilder drops his pants and begins putting a sleeper hold on Branch's hot ass and cock. It's not too long before a three-way breaks out. (You won't see this on the WWF, but I'd pay to see Branch and Goldberg or Stone Cold do some of these moves!) Wilder sucks on DeMachio and Branch while they are deep kissing. Then DeMachio tops Wilder before getting his own butthole filled by Branch. Branch does what he does best here, dirty talk, "Oh yeah boy. You like that. Stick that lamp up my ass." A wild cum scene here, and the match is over. Markham tells Bradford, you lose, you "take it in the mouth or give up your ass." Now, why doesn't losing sound SOOOO bad? Next, we show a Rockyesque progression of Bradford's training as he tries and tries again to work the moves on Markham. Finally declared "ready," Markham gives Bradford a massage and a pep talk, "stick close to me," but the scene ends without sex.
Now we're inside the pantheon of underground wrestling - the Cockpit Club. Sonny Markham and Tony Acosta perform a few moves, but again, any real wrestling evaporates into sex. Acosta is the loser and begs to suck Markham's cock. It's Chaz Carlton and Vince Bandero in the next match, which ends quickly with Bandero the winner. Both men trade "blows," and then Carlton gets up on the ropes for a bitch flappin' monkey fuck. Cue the organnot that organ the cheesy soap opera organ, as it turns out Markham has bruised his thumb in his match with Acosta and, therefore, can't fight in the death match against Torque. A masked wrestler, "The Velvet Hammer," takes Markham's place in the ring and takes a big piece out of Torque. During the pummeling, Torque pulls off the mask to reveal (no fair reading ahead), yep you guessed it, Bradford, finally getting his revenge, as he imagines the injured Saxx lying in his hospital bed. The only thing missing from this scene as Bradford puts the hurt on Torque might have been whispered dialog along the lines of "This one's for Tommy."  The next scene finds Chaz Carlton visiting Saxx in the hospital. Carlton starts giving Saxx a blowjob, and Saxx, probably hopped up on pain meds, starts fantasizing that he is in some smoky room watching Bradford and Markham blowing each other. Then Saxx gets in on the action, too (hey, it's his dream, right?), sucking on Bradford's fat pole while Markham pokes Saxx. After Markham and Bradford blow on Saxx's tummy, Saxx awakens again, blowing his own juicy wad for Carlton.
Now, you know, a movie can't be taken too seriously when it ends with Mickey Skee as an old lady in drag with a cane, beating up a puzzled Bandero. The tongue-in-cheek dialog and staging really put this in a genre of gay porn that seeks to entertain while still featuring hot men in intense sexual situations. Did I mention Jason Branch's nipples? That alone would be worth going to the mat for.

Run Time: 1:16:52
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