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Titan Men - Boner! - Man's Best Friend
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TITAN's official Mascot, Boner, wasn't named by accident! He finds the biggest bones around for the studio. That's exactly what we see in TITAN Media's new release: BONER! "Man's Best Friend", where Boner shows us four scenes filled with great big BONERS.

1. Blake Harper, Tom Vaccaro
GayVN nominee for "Performer of the Year", Blake Harper, lands on the massage table of hairy, hung Tom Vaccaro who gives him the type of rubdown that we all fantasize about. Tom slowly works his strong hands up and down the length of Blake's ultra defined torso, letting his fingers stray ever so lightly over the hair pattern on Blake's taut ass.
Tom maneuvers around the table and angles his bulging crotch right into Blake's angelic face. Blake glances up into Tom's eyes looking for approval; a sly grin from Tom is all it takes for Blake to inhale Tom's 8-inch cock. Tom joins Blake on the table, licking and sucking Blake's beautiful ass and hole, while still sliding the entire length of his enormous cock down Blake's throat. Blake knows what he wants as he pulls his legs back exposing his hungry hole, taunting Tom with a wink of his salvia covered rosebud. Tom wastes no time and slides his rock hard cock into Blake, pumping his ass with the full length of his fat cock. The incredible camera work of Bruce Cam captures some of the best penetration shots ever seen on video. Nothing is left to the imagination as you see Tom's massive member repeatedly pummel Blake. Blake's eager hole works it's magic and soon Tom can't hold off any longer. Pulling his cock from Blake, he marks his territory with frothy cum drops across Harper's hairy ass. Tom then envelops Blake with his hirsute and muscular frame, holding him in his arms as Blake shoots his own gushing load onto his belly.

2. Vinnie D'Angelo, Tober Brandt
Beefy, sexy Vinnie D'Angelo delivers a wheelbarrow load of coal to the boiler room where he runs into TitanMen exclusive Tober Brandt; before you can say  break time, the two are immediately all over each other's muscular, hairy bodies. Tober peels Vinnie's pants off and hungrily swallows his protruding rod, gagging on it as Vinnie face fucks him. Vinnie drops to the floor and swallows Tober's cock while he pinches and pulls on Tober's erect nips, slapping and snapping Tober's throbbing cock while he strokes his own dick. Tober grunts uncontrollably with each thrust of his cock down Vinnie's throat. After Vinnie sprays the floor with his sticky load, Tober lies on the floor and Vinnie squats over his face; he bends over and sucks and strokes Tober's thick dick as Tober pulls Vinnie's hot muscular ass cheeks apart and tongue-dives into his deep hole. Vinnie strokes and jerks Tober's cock until Tober sends cum flying all over himself. Tober bends Vinnie over a bench to get a good shot at Vinnie's inviting ass, which he lubes up with his tongue before slipping on a condom and pushing into the hot muscular hole. Tober opens him up with some slow strokes, which Vinnie ravenously backs into, then pounds into him furiously. It's Vinnie's debut as a bottom, and he's already a master at it! Tober's hungry for dick too, so slaps a rubber on Vinnie's cock and mounts it, rocking back and forth and sliding up and down while Vinnie fucks his ass. Vinnie picks Tober up with his dick firmly planted up his hole, flips him over, then continues to pound his meaty ass until the two shoot simultaneously, drenching Tober’s muscular torso with their hot  creamy cum.

3. Dean Coulter, Ric Hunter
Ric Hunter and Dean Coulter can't wait to get inside and into each other's arms. Ric kisses Dean with passion and attacks his muscular tits, neck end mouth with his hands and tongue. The brawny men strip naked except for Ric's leather chaps and gauntlets. Dean drops to his knees and eagerly chows Ric's cock down his throat, all the while looking up at Ric. Dean has a bubble butt too good to ignore, and Ric burrows into it with abandon, rubbing his head and face deep into Dean's ass. Ric fucks Dean with short, sturdy strokes, cumming on top of that humpy butt ñ then eagerly laps it up. Ric is so turned on, he jacks a thick second load onto Deans' face. As Ric licks the sweat from Deans pits and finger fucks his ass, Dean strokes his cock to an explosion, which shoots over his tight furry stomach.

4. Lance Gear, Mike Roberts
Cruising the streets of San Francisco on his Harleyl Mike Roberts picks up horny Lance Gear who is posing for action. The leather-clad men ride to a garage and engage in major tongue wrestling while tearing off each other's clothes and twisting nipples. Mike pushes Lance down to service his huge slab of meat. Lance gladly takes the silver pierced mammoth down his throat. Mike grabs a taste of Lance's ass before leaning him over the motorcycle and plowing him until Lance covers the leather seat with a milky coating ofjism. Lance then lies spread eagle on the bike while Mike lifts his legs, climbs on and drills Lance's ass until they both glisten in sweat. Mike then lies on the floor as Lance straddles his face and shoots his second steady stream of cum all over Mike's hairy chest.

5. Eric Masterson, Blake Harper
Eric Masterson's debut performance in the closing scene is an exciting metamorphosis of character. Master of the house Blake Harper returns to find nude housekeeper Eric Masterson dusting the window. Masterson is initially tentative in front of the camera and eager for Harper's approval. Blake checks for dust, and finding none, rewards Eric with sweet lip to lip action. The goatees, moustaches and hairy chests of the men are explored by each other with rapture. Eric, mindful of his duties, gives Blake's beautiful cock and ass a thorough tongue cleaning as well. Blake is in pure lust and squats back to allow the empowered Masterson to rim him with gusto. Watching Eric's confidence and cock grow to an incredible size, Blake then swallows the engorged bone to the root. Eric moans with disbelief at Blake's expert tongue lashing, then sits on the floor while Blake slowly lowers himself onto his impressive hard-on. Blake pounces on it with frenzy, his own thick rod rock hard, which Eric uses as a handle to move Blake up and down. Blake erupts while sitting on Eric and is reluctant to let go after his release. Standing overhead, Eric unloads across Blake's face, then licks it from his goatee. The two men smile and kiss over a cleaning job well done.
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