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BeefCake Hunter - Beefcake Pacman first time fucking a guy
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Beefcake Pacman first time fucking a guy video was made with his wife’s blessing. Here at BeefCakeHunter Land we LOVE these type of women, I would call them the “Beefwives” of the world. I know there are many of them out there that we think, if you are one of them, reading this: talk business, send me your sexy Beefcake husband and get a lifetime membership at BCH!

But, nobody is perfect, so she had a rough time and so did Pacman, the night before this shooting. That is why he was so sleepy that morning, but all that sleepiness went away as soon I started placing my playful mouth between his legs, licking his hot pink balls and amazing cock!

I knew he was a little nervous about being able to perform. After all, this was going to be Beefcake Pacman first time fucking a guy, that is why I made the oral session very long, taking my time to play with sexy hairy chest and nipples, I know some of you like that image. Pacman did not disappoint with his facial expressions; he even grabbed my head when I was deep-throating him and I LOVE when he stares at me while I am being a dedicated cock sucker LOL, he also seems to love when I kissed his legs, he just rolls his head back…

For it being the first time, I thought it would be easier for him to pound me on my fours, and it was a slow start, but a few minutes later he got rougher and verbal. Then he asked to switch to a stand-up position for him, I was ok with it as long he was comfortable. He went fast and then slow, and then fast, and I was just there receiving his cock as a good bottom. I did not dare to ask for another position because he told me that this was the only one that would make him cum!

A few minutes later he started moaning and then pouring his VERY big load on my butt, it was warm and thick, my ass was very happy, you can see it started dancing LOL. He also gave me some final slapping on my butt. Pacman ended up very tired but happy to be able to accomplish that morning gig. I hope you guys enjoy this video Beefcake Pacman first time fucking a guy.
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