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Title: Cockstars At Play
Runtime: 87 minutes
Stars: Chanalong, Sansern, Tanem, Thirayudh, Boonrat, Sanee, Bill, Champ, Bol KhonKaen, Jack Chonburi
Director: John Hayman

Description: Chanalong, fresh out of the shower with a hardon finds his super-cute buddy Sansern's toweled ass just too much to resist. First, he tries sit ups, and then pushups, and finally pushing up from this yummy set of buns until the two become fully engaged. Well, they both know their way around and suck and fuck for our enjoyment. Seeing Chanalong's nice long curved dick slide up Sansern’s skinny ass is worth the wait. And big-dicked Thirayudh just has to have his way with Boonrat, too. But Boonrat makes sure he gets what he wants as well until the stud really bones him. Finally, yummy hip-hop star Tanom gets to have his way with Sanee but this is not a one-way deal. Sanee has the bigger dick and gets to expand the star’s anal horizons himself before the day’s over.

Sex Acts: Anal Sex, Rim Job, 3-Way, Fingercuffing - Anal, Throat Fucking, Oral Sex
Positions: Missionary, Laying, Reverse Cowgirl, Kneeling, Doggy Style, Standing Missionary, Cowgirl, Standing Doggy Style
Settings: Bedroom

Movie Title: Cockstars At Play
Production date: 2010-02-03
Studio: Island Caprice Studios

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B. Thomas
2800 W. Pico Blvd # W110
Los Angeles, CA
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