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MSR - Don't Ask, Don't Tell
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Cast:  Cole Tucker, Jason Branch, Tuck Johnson, Thom Barron, Blake Harper, Chad Johnson, Matt Bradshaw, Steve Cassidy, Logan Reed, Anthony DeAngelo, Cameron Cruise, Michael Brandon

The story finds Colonel Cole Tucker in a military court, with Lt. Jason Branch doing the questioning. It seems the "don't ask, don't tell" policy is coming under fire, and Branch wants Tucker to cough up information in exchange for immunity. Could this be a new trend? Porn movie with a political message? I think this is the longest I can recall that Jason Branch has been onscreen with his pants on.
The movie is told by cutting the courtroom scenes with flashbacks of military men in compromising situations. The first scene finds Thom Barron forcing an unsuspecting Tuck Johnson to "suck my dick, fag, or I'll turn your fuckin' ass in." Of course, Barron's thick accent makes me wonder if the U.S. military is now recruiting outside the country, not that I mind. Barron has an awesome sausage that he feeds Johnson from a variety of angles.
In the courtroom, Branch and Tucker are in each other's faces, with Branch wanting to know how "it really is," and a red-faced Tucker proclaiming, "you can't handle how it really is." Sadly, my favorite daddy of all, Joe Dixon, as the military judge, keeps his pants on for the whole movie.
If you get bored with the story line, there are plenty of hot sex scenes to make up for it. Chad Johnson and Matt Bradshaw corner "civilian" Blake Harper in the men's room at a local bar. While Colonel Tucker guards the door, Bradshaw and Johnson take turns feeding their meat to Harper, who at first seems reluctant but then shows his true colors as a cocksucker. Can anyone's mouth be wetter? Drool drips off these big rods, sometimes taken at the same time. Harper does an excellent job working Johnson's foreskin. Johnson pulls his skin over the head of Bradshaw's dick and does a nice docking maneuver. But the cream of this scene and possibly the entire video is watching Harper's hot crack being pummeled by Johnson. The coloration is just right to see the pinks of Harper's perfect pucker holding tightly onto Johnson's throbbing rod. This scene also features something that I think every porn video should include: We get to watch Johnson, Bradshaw and Harper blow impressive wads in real time and in gooey slow-motion.
Back in the courtroom, Colonel Tucker has a story to tell about Jason Branch. It seems that Branch and Logan Reed were in on some sexual harassment of new recruit Steve Cassidy, and Tucker happens to have a video of it. All I can say is, thank goodness for that! You don't want to miss a single second of this replay, with Branch at his spit-swapping, ass-spanking, bossy best! Cassidy's cries of "no" are pretty believable as Branch and Reed orally dominate him. Reed at one point bare-hand slaps Cassidy's quivering hole. Of course, Branch's true forte is the bad-ass fuck, and he gives it to Cassidy's butt good! Yowza! The thing I like about Branch is that he has turned his dirty pig talk into an art form, bringing the viewer to the brink of ejaculation with just his guttural intonations.
If you don't mind the political overtones of the movie, you may actually learn that the military's don't ask, don't tell policy has really opened the doors for more harassment of gays in the military.
We are left to ponder this heavy message while we are treated to Cameron Cruise, Michael Brandon and Tony DeAngelo joining much of the rest of the cast for an all-out orgy at a military hangout. It was nice to see Brandon in this scene, but I think his 10-incher could have had a more featured role earlier in the movie.  
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