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Sean Cody 1463 Daniel & Jessie (FullHD - 1080p)
Oral SexHunksSean Cody
Jessie knows what he’s doing when it comes to fooling around with guys, so we figured we would let him take control and do whatever he wanted to do. We even let him “interview” Daniel.

While he was asking questions you could start to see Daniel really open up and get more comfortable.

Daniel told us he has never been with a man, but it’s not something he’s ruled out.

“I’m straight but not narrow,” he said.

One thing I’ve noticed about Daniel since the moment I met him is that he is a dirty boy. Yeah, he looks like a model, but he loves the dirty talk and getting down to it.

“Why don’t you guys jump in,” he said as we were filming. “I could use more than one tongue working my ass!”

There was a raw tension throughout the film that was hard to figure out. At times, it looked like Daniel was in pain.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he responded. “I just never realized a guy eating my ass could feel so fucking good!” Daniel was clearly turned on!

Jessie was just having fun sucking and licking and tongue fucking Daniel’s hole.

“At one point I was concerned that I was gonna get a black eye from his balls slapping my face,” he said. “I didn’t mind it!”
Published August 13, 2012

Original upload: 25/08/2012 -matthewmancs
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