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Sean Cody 1493 Dalton & Aidan bareback
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“So I gotta be honest,” Aidan whispered to Dalton.

“Whats up?”

“I love your hairy balls!”

Without missing a beat Aidan dropped to his knees and started licking Dalton’s balls.

“We’re not even filming yet and he’s getting me hard!” Dalton said, looking down at Aidan, who was smiling at him with two big hairy balls in his mouth.

Dalton was getting really excited. “When I fuck I like to be in control,” he said. “I guess I get off on being aggressive and talking dirty.”

“So what you’re saying is my ass is gonna be sore after this?” Aidan asked, coming up for air.

“Yep!” Dalton laughed. “I think so!”

Original upload: 12/10/2012 -matthewmancs
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