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DoggyBoys - Hung boy Leo in a bareback twink surprise (Arthur Vink, Leo Alfano)
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Hung boy Leo in a bareback twink surprise

Released: 14 December 2018
Running Time: 22:04

Featuring: Arthur Vink, Leo Alfano


Skinny twink Leo Alfano is far too tempting a sight for horny blond boy Arthur Vink to ignore. After admiring the adorable youth from the bedroom door and perhaps contemplating what's in those pants he can't help himself and sets to work, rousing his gorgeous friend with a little groping of his impressive package. The pretence of Leo pretending to be unaware can only last so long when Arthur starts sucking on his long and hard cock, sensually slurping the hung twink's shaft and drinking every drop of precum he can get from the swollen tip. The boy is soon fully alert, eager to return the favor and get a taste of his pal's pecker. Naked and pleasuring each other, their engorged dicks slipping between their lips, their passions finally spill over and Leo submits, presenting his snug little hole for his friend to fill. It's an incredible sight as the bareback twink plunges his big pink boner into the sweet little tanned rump he's offered, fucking Leo from behind with deep thrusts before stealing control to impale his ass on Arthur's impressive dick. With his own long cock and swinging balls bouncing with the passion of his riding Leo delivers some incredible pleasure to his friend deep in his chute, but it's when the boy takes it on his back that their fun finally reaches its limit. Their final shared stroking makes for a perfect sticky end as Leo's smooth body is splashed with the contents of their dicks, milky goo from their aching erections pumping free in messy streams to pool on his bare flesh and dribble in rivers over his slim body. Who among us wouldn't want to be woken by a friend in such a way?
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