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Regiment Productions - Cadets in Contempt
Fresh, young and very horny military cadets are away from home and find themselves surrounded by other horny cadets. All men and with no girls in sight, these guys begin to look good. Whether or not they were gay or had tendencies, a stiff dick has no conscience. Soon they're screwin' around to beat hell. What are buddies for?

scene 3 discription. Corey Winters,  Erik Jansen
In a prison cell with red brick walls and black iron bars on the window, a white basin and a white commode, Erik Jansen (nipple rings, red and yellow sunburst with green eye on right deltoid and lower back, frosted hair, long sideburns) kneels and sucks Corey Winters (short black hair, receding hair line); Corey sucks Erik; Corey rims and tops Erik leaning over a gray bench; Erik sits on Corey on the commode; Corey tops Erik in missionary position on the bed in the corner.

Blake Taylor
Corey Winters
Damian Ford
Erik Jansen (00s)
Johnny Lopez
Rocky Billy
Spike Pierce
Tripp Castro

Run Time: 1:23:39
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