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Kristen Bjorn - On the Prowl 3
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Men prowl the streets of Old Barcelona in search of hot sex, which is always available. Come see 10 of the world's sexiest hot men in 6 boiling hot scenes which will knock your socks off!

Manuel is walking down the street when he notices a suspicious man (Max) in a doorway, he glances over and Max exposes his huge, fat cock. Not to miss an opportunity to play with such a gifted cock, Manuel agrees to join Max. The guys get into some heavy stroking of each other’s muscular bodies and deep kissing as the intensity gets turned up. Max begins to feed Manuel his enormous cock. Manuel does everything possible to swallow the entire piece of man meat. Manuel is not the only one hungry to swallow some cock, Max jumps on Manuel and begins working over his rigid cock. It is not only cock that Max is hungry for, he spreads Manuel open and eats his ass ravenously. With Manuel’s hole dripping wet Max rams his fat, raw cock up Manuel’s impatient hole. Max flips back and forth from fucking to eating Manuel’s ass until he sprays his huge load all over Manuel then reinserting his cum drenched cock back into his hole. Manuel then squats on Max’s cock and pumps out a huge load as Max continues pumping his ass.

Theo and John meet up on the streets and take the action indoors. They quickly strip each other of their clothes and begin kissing and stroking their cocks. Theo drops to his knees and begins worshiping John’s uncut cock and hefty ball sac. Theo works his tongue up and down John’s cock shaft and brings John to an explosive climax. John coats Theo’s tongue with his creamy load and Theo gobbles it all up and sucks John’s cock clean of every drop of cum. John goes down on Theo and begins swallowing his hot cock as Theo feeds and slaps John’s face with his meaty cock. Theo loves his cock going deep in John’s throat, but he has other ideas of where he wants his cock to go deep. He bends John over and works John’s sultry, hairy hole over with his tongue. John squats down on Theo’s hard, raw cock and rides it long and hard. Theo flips John to his side and takes him from behind until he dumps his juicy load inside of his ass.

After meeting up in the 3 way the night before James invited Manuel to spend the night “you never know, he might be mister right.” Manuel wakes up with the pleasure of his cock being sucked by James.  After some hot oral pleasures, James moves up to Manuel’s mouth and begins feeding him his fat cock while stroking Manuel’s wet cock. The guys switch up into a deep throating 69 position, which James takes full advantage of Manuel’s talented throat. After lubing James’ cock up with his spit Manuel squats down onto James’ fat, wet cock. Manuel rides him hard and deep and James responds with a rock solid cock and balls drawn tight with the anticipated explosion. James flips Manuel and takes his hot ass from behind, shoving his fat cock as deep as he can inside of Manuel. James rides Manuel fast and furious, enough so that Manuel shoots his thick, milky load as James continues to rapid fire fuck him. Only able to hold out for a short time longer, James explodes his creamy load all over Manuel’s ass, balls and then back inside of his hungry ass. Possible romance or hot fuck buddy?

Antonio and Mario notice James on the street and persuade him to join them at their place. James is more than eager to join the couple and they get horny and naked real fast. James takes Antonio’s huge cock into his mouth as Mario sucks on James’ hot cock. James and Mario move into a savage 69 as Antonio eats out James’ pink hole. Mario moves into position over Antonio’s throbbing raw cock and slides it deep into his ass. As soon as Mario takes all of his lover’s cock in his ass, James rams his hard raw cock deep inside of Mario as well. Antonio and James pummel Mario’s ass hard as Mario fights to control his breathing. Mario and Antonio move James into the middle as Antonio fucks James’ ass and Mario fucks his mouth. The intensity of the fucking reaches a feverish pitch and the guy’s testosterone levels rise causing their cocks to spasm with anticipation. Mario reaches nirvana first and feeds his creamy load into James’ hungry mouth. With his mouth coated in cum and Antonio’s ferocious cock pounding away at his raw hole James’ cock explodes with a huge load of cum. Antonio has been teased and taunted with all the cum flying around that he blows his load all over James’ balls and then shoves his cum slicked cock back into James’ hole.

Patryk is a big, beefy, muscular guy that hasn’t had a lot of sexual experiences and has heard that the men in Spain are muy caliente. So he heads off to spend his holiday building his sexual experiences with as many hot Spaniards as possible. Patryk strikes it rich when he meets up with Arnau and invites him back to his rented flat. The guys slowly enjoy the touch, feel, smell and taste of each other’s bodies as they strip each other. Arnau takes Patryk’s long, smooth, uncut shaft into his mouth and down his throat and brings a pleasure to Patryk like he has never felt back home. Patryk then shows Arnau that he may not be the most experience cock sucker, but what he lacks in experience he more than makes up for with his eagerness to please his partner.  Arnau is yearning to feel that long cock shaft probing deep inside his raw ass and bends over the sofa and offers up his hungry hole to Patryk.  Driven crazy with the pleasure of that moist, tight, muscular ass engulfing his raw cock, Patryk knows that he has found nirvana in Spain. Arnau then flips Patryk and shows him what a hot, raw, Spanish cock feels like deep inside of his ass. Patryk loves the sensation that he begs for more and Arnau delivers a hard pounding fuck that forces Patryk to blow his huge, creamy load of cum.  Arnau continues pounding away at Patryk’s convulsing ass until he shoots his load all over Patryk’s balls and then back inside of his wet ass.

Aitor has invited Arnau over for a romantic dinner, but it is the romance that heats things up first. Some tender kissing, bumping and grinding lead to the clothes being shed seductively. Arnau consumes Aitor’s uncut cock with such vigor that you know he is hungry, and food is not on the menu. As Arnau sucks on Aitor’s cock he strokes his own fat cock as his low hanging balls slap against the sofa. Aitor then tugs on Arnau’s low hanging balls as he runs his tongue up and down the full length of Arnau’s huge cock. He then takes those low hanging balls into his mouth and swirls them around with his tongue then returns to the throbbing shaft slapping him in the face. Flipping Arnau around, Aitor works his magical tongue in and out, up and down and all around Arnau’s perfect pink pucker hole. Aitor stands up and plants his hard, raw cock up Arnau’s wet ass. Arnau encourages Aitor to go harder and deeper and Aitor does so that the floors, furniture and walls are giving way to the pressure of the powerful thrusts. Arnau instructs Aitor to sit on his cock and Aitor engulfs the fat cock and begins with fluid strides that make his own balls draw up tight. With the robust pumping action going on in his ass, Aitor has been pushed over the edge and explodes a huge load of cum. Aitor’s ass muscles are contracting and convulsing around Arnau’s cock that it sucks the hot creamy load out of Arnau. He saves the most succulent of his load and shoots it inside of Aitor’s ass. Anyone still hungry?
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