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ChaosMen - 2182 - Jerome and Laszlo Serviced
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Release date: September 5, 2018

Video Number: 2182

You can sure tell that this is Laszlo's first time. He had mentioned some very lopsided interactions with guys. I think he got head and rimmed, and other body parts licked, but other than that, you can tell he is a nervous newbie.

He looks a little frozen at first. Jerome just plows through. Both guys are hard in their shorts, and even when they are both stroking their cocks completely naked, they are maintaining wood. Though, Laszlo is relying heavily on the porn playing for him, only occasionally sneaking peeks at Jerome's cock.

The stroke each other. Jerome gets harder despite the fact that Laszlo has no idea how to jerk an uncut cock. Laszlo loses his boner, so Jerome dives in to get him hard again, this time with his mouth.

Jerome fucking works his cock like a pro. He sucks and jerks until he gets him solid. You got to give him credit for pulling Laszlo from the soft cock brink.

Thankfully, once Laszlo was hard and not focused on the porn, he gets into being serviced by a dude.

He even goes back to jerking on Jerome's cock, who has to push his hand away or risk nutting too soon.

That's what I love about Jerome. No matter the scenario, he is always turned-on when he gets to play with guys.

So I wanted to take advantage of this. Since Laszlo was not ready to suck cock, we knew he could jerk Jerome's cock until he busts.

And that is exactly what he does. Jerking his own cock, Laszlo actually makes Jerome cum from a steady jerking motion. Jerome coaches him only a little before busting a nice load. Laszlo makes Jerome lick his finger's clean.

I feel like Laszlo even steps-up his game at the last minute. He straddles Jerome's face and jerks his cock, eagerly feeding Jerome his load!

Despite Laszlo's inexperience, I feel like this is actually adds to making this a very hot Serviced video.

Jerome eats his load, licking his uncut cock clean.
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