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Kristen Bjorn - A World Of Men
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Who else besides Kristen Bjorn would actually visit five different earthly hot spots and find the most heavenly men there, squeezing them all into one video? Around the world or in his own backyard, Kristen Bjorn, assisted by the devoted The Bear on camera, manages to boil down the sexuality of the entire world into a five-scene video of wonder.
The first stop is San Juan, Puerto Rico. A bunch of guys are playing soccer on the beach. Get this line-up: Carlos Morales, muscles galore and freckles to match, a hunky and very masculine Adriano Marquez, and the hard-faced though very solid Tony Tarango. Their story revolves around a necklace Adriano left on the beach after playing soccer. He knows Carlos must have it, so he goes over to Carlos and Tony to pick it up. Carlos is so hot for Adriano that he offers him money just to let him see him naked. Trust me, it's worth paying for. This of course means that soon enough Carlos and Tony are going to have their strong dicks out of their pants, and Adriano consents to letting them blow him. Carlos slips the entire cock down his throat and Tony helps with little licks, with Carlos easily stealing the scene away from everyone and keeping it for himself the whole time. Adriano insists on more money if he's to suck them off, and with their hips swiveling to his mouth, he does just that. The chemistry among the three is so strong that at one point it seems perfectly natural that Adriano has both dicks in his mouth at once. As usual with Bjorn, the action moves quickly, and cum-shots abound throughout the action. After the first round, Adriano stands in the middle of a blowing Tony and a rimming Carlos, which looks as delicious as possible. At any rate, rest assured that everyone sucks, just about everyone rims, and everyone also ends up on the receiving end, all with big happy smiles and excellent action. I feel I should point out my personal favorite moment, where the hairy hole of Carlos gets tongues shoved in it. When the fucking starts, Carlos is the bottom, with Tony pulsing into him like the pro he is. Carlos' bubble-butt takes it all gleefully. Tony finishes with an excellent spray all over Carlos, and then Carlos and Tony bend Adriano over to receive the bounty. They have to offer him some more money, but hey, why not? They warm him up by rimming him together, and then Tony gets to top him as well, just, of course, as Adriano's girlfriend walks in, and wants to watch! Well, can you blame her? The bevy of beauties here is enough to make anyone happy -- gay, straight or whatever! Adriano bottoms with style, and manages to give Carlos a grand blowjob at the same time. Carlos cums being sucked, and then Adriano loses his last toss, with Tony finishing just outside Adriano's hole. This story leads off with its best scene, which takes nothing away from the others to follow, but there's something extra special about the three guys here and the way they perform.
It's not a long trip to Miami, where we get an American melting pot of men. Sexy small-eyed Mark Anthony, blessed with a little hair and a rascally nature that will get you all excited, has an accent from some British Isle or former colony, dark brooding Akos Matyas with the world's most perfect pecs (I think they need their own size, named for him) speak in a glorious romance language and floppy-haired brunet Steve Sax doesn't get to speak at all. The three are more pieces of perfection, each one with a body that I can't imagine a mere mortal achieving. Mark and Steve are kissing on a boat when Akos boards to get in on the action. He takes them to a secluded spot so they can have their privacy and let their horniness explode. Mark licks Steve down his chest to his cock, starting with the bathing suit still on, but ultimately letting it out for some real action, doing the exact same wonderfully for Akos. Akos has a magnificent uncut cock and Steve has a really thick one that proves a different sort of mouthful for lucky Mark. Steve bends down to join and rims Akos a little, making sure to smack and bite the cheeks for extra measure. The intensity builds over the soft music, notable by the heavier breathing almost drowning it. With all the attention, Akos dots the camera lens with cum. Akos then returns all oral favors with a lot of spirit, showing for the first time Mark's really tasty cock. Truly, in a video like this it doesn't matter how many inches of a dick one can take, what matters is how the guys participating fit into the mood and the feeling of the scene. To watch is to understand. Akos notes for the camera that their sexual appetites "didn't wane," so they continue. Mark and Steve lay Akos down and there is more blowing and rimming from everyone than you can imagine, Mark doing the best work of the three. You can see the veins on his neck pop out as prove of his work. Mark starts the fucking, with big lusty motions, his abs crunching with every thrust. Steve takes over, and though he lacks some of the seething intensity that makes the chemistry between Akos and Mark work so well, his fuck is delightful. Mark blows Akos as he's being fucked, a camera shot that ought to be taught in film schools! More and more cum spews a few times and the guys still aren't sated. So, they glide over to a pool and Akos sits in it to suck Mark's cock while Mark stands up to do the same to luscious Steve. Mark gobbles that thick one down fully with every motion. Some giant shots ensue and then we get one last burst of sexual energy. There is a superb rimming-chain that defined the word "pretty" and then Steve fucks Akos one last time. Mark notes for the camera that they all had a good time. Really? We couldn't tell!
We travel not too far to get to Brazil for the third scene, a scene full of humor and personality. Jose Gonzalez, with huge lips, is a massive bodybuilder type who sits at his computer and plays around creating the perfect man. When he hits upon one who looks like João Pauzão, the image morphs from the screen into his room. João is a leaner man than we've previously seen, but his eyes flash sex and his massively round thick dick are going to be a chore for any ass it comes to conquer. Jose takes his time in making sure to swallow down as many of those girthful inches as possible, and he can manage a lot. Truly, anything past the head would be impressive, and Jose gets much further. Jose cums very silently for the first time here, and then João digs himself a spot underneath Jose to rim his ass. It's actually a complete tongue-fuck, with some time even devoted to letting Jose actually ride the sturdy tongue. After mere seconds of this, Jose has of course cum again, right on Joao's neck. João isn't done with that ass, and only when he thinks it's properly lubed and prepped does he fuck it. João is sweet about it -- he starts very slowly as we watch Jose get used to the cock. Because of the sheer size, the fuck remains a little tentative for a while. So, the initial fun comes from watching all the insertions João uses to speed up the process of comfort. Bjorn's camera thankfully allows us to see Jose's asshole expanding up close. By the time João and Jose end up on their sides, Jose is ready for something more. Jose tells his top that by cumming, and then João shoves Jose face-down and fucks him like he means it. Power is now a full companion to Joao's incendiary bag of tricks, and Jose, face contorted, doesn't argue at all. Finally, João pulls out his dick and empties it on Jose's back. Suddenly, Jose wakes up and realizes it's all been a dream (for him and us, rest assured). However, he goes back to look at pictures and sees himself in a lovely one with Joao. He gets zapped into the computer and it seems we've found our happy ending. From the tropics we go to a dank pool hall in St. Petersburg. The guys are wearing stark blacks and whites and the mood immediately switches to something much more focused than a dream vacation. Three guys are playing strip pool. Whenever someone loses, it seems that the bystander, Sasha Borov, has to take off clothing. It's well worth the rules, because he has flashing eyes and a cute rounded face that you wish belonged to the boy next door. The other players are Kalman Faludi, a severe yet magnificently handsome brunet with a butt from above, and Atilla Sipos, a mouthwatering guy who wears a leather jacket and speaks of a little danger added to the scene. Eventually, all of them end up with their clothing off, and Atilla announces he intends to fuck the matchless cute butt that belongs to Sasha. His runway-ready face doesn't register any fear, and instead he bends down so he can blow the uncut cocks offered him by Atilla and Kalman. His sizable lips do their part, but his pure talent does the rest. Sasha plays around a lot with foreskin, which is a fine-by-me replacement for deep-throating. The editing and pacing here are deliberately slowed down a little, so pieces of the scene got on a little longer than they previously had. Atilla and Kalman both cum on Sasha's chest and then Sasha pops a shot without having to remove his underwear. Speaking of that annoying piece of fabric, Atilla still intends to get inside it, so he cuts it off with a knife, sticking his tongue into the gorgeous prize package he's just opened. Atilla doesn't stop there, for he sucks cock and eats balls, too. Atilla doesn't stop there, for he takes what he's wanted and slides right into Sasha's anal space gingerly and hammers away at him with knowing pleasure. Sasha blows Kalman to keep himself further occupied, but it's the full in-and-out shots of Atilla's fuck that work best in this section. In this scene, anything anal is the true focus. After another batch of stunning cum-blasts, they do some three-way kissing and Atilla ambles behind still-kissing Sasha and Kalman to take in their asses together. He alternates between their asses, but he settles on Kalman for a while, since he hasn't really explored that territory yet. He keeps his tongue very well in time with the gyrating butt, long enough to get a cum-shot from his prey. He then goes back to Sasha until he gets the pearly white, and finishes himself. But, how can you stuff your face in Sasha's ass and not want to put your dick in there again? There's isn't a convincing answer, so Atilla does just that. However, the fun here is that Kalman stays in his place next to Sasha so that he can have some too. He bottoms with security and is able to take the speed and focus Atilla has been building in this cool harsh scene with Sasha. Though Atilla alternates fucking them, it's clear Sasha has more of what he wants, and while they touch each other in increasing pleasure, Atilla has one last cum-shot for them. The cold unemotional feel to this scene is just what it needs. Sasha has an unyielding personality, but an insatiable sexual desire, so playing off of that, Bjorn is able to create a scene every bit as warm to watch as the ones we just saw drenched in sunlight.
For the final leg of our tour, we have reached Budapest, Hungary. Cleft-chinned beefcake Alexei Gromoff walks lazily down a railroad when he spots long-haired Laszlo Garai looking at him. They tease with their eyes and then Laszlo gets up to walk into a seemingly deserted room. Tantalized, Alexei follows him, but is too nervous to go in until he sees a few other guys go in. Once in the amiable comfortable room, he nervously sits and watches Laszlo, dark sharp-featured birdlike Joszef Polgar and lighter Jeno Benedek delight in the stripping antics of a bartender, who manages to do the splits for them and reveal all he has to offer. The bartender having ended his show, and the cocks on Laszlo, Joszef and Jeno fully out of their pants and raring to go, Alexei tries to run away. They stop him, thankfully. How can he leave them when his dick is just as uncut and just as hard as theirs? Joszef and Jeno keep him in place by blowing him together as Laszlo clams him by massaging his huge sprawling chest. Of course, it takes no time for Alexei to cum under these conditions, and then beg a return favor from Alexei. One by one, they stand in front of him and ask for his tongue put to their cocks. As is often the case in Hungarian porn, a headjob is all that can be managed, but Alexei takes what he can from each of them in character as a somewhat timid, though obviously talented. He has the most trouble with the largest dick, Laszlo's. Naturally, his work is enough to warrant cum-shots all over him from everyone, and then, now that everyone is properly introduced to everyone else, the sucking starts in earnest. Joszef chomps on Alexei as Jeno gets Joszef. The chain effect is captured brilliantly by a slowly moving camera. Everyone comes again and it's off to the bedroom for the fucking. If you had a feeling Alexei would end up as the group bottom, at least initially, you would have been right. Jeno takes him first, with a good aching jack-rabbity fuck, and the other two help loads by touching and encouraging, ratcheting up the energy level. Alexei cums being fucked, then Joszef pops his load just from watching. Finally the working Jeno gets to finish, followed by yet another from Laszlo. To spice things up, we backtrack along the usual route of porn moves so Laszlo and Joszef can chare some rimming time in Jeno's ass, the recipient so enamored of the feeling that he can blow the heck out of Alexei. Joszef ends up fucking Jeno, now ably readied for some cock in his butt. After all have finished, we see the lonely figure of Alexei Gromoff walking once more up the railway tracks. I hope he finds another abandoned warehouse, because he certainly had a lot of luck in the first one.

Cast: Adriano Marquez, Carlos Morales, Tony Tarango, Akos Matyas, Mark Anthony, Steve Sax, João Pauzão, Alexander (Sasha) Byazrov, Kalman Faludi, Attila Sipos, Alexei Gromoff, Jeno Benedek, Laszlo
Garai, Jozsef Polgar.

1. San Juan, Puerto Rico  
Carlos Morales (ve) OgrAbRgr, Tony Tarango OgrAtRg, Adriano Marquez OgrAbRr, Conchita Rivera nonsex

2. Miami, USA  
Akos Matyas OgrAbRr, Steve Sax OgrAtRg, Mark Anthony (90s) OgrAtRgr

3. Recife, Brazil  
Jose Gonzalez OgAbRr, João Pauzão OrAtRg

4. St-Petersburg, Russia  
Atilla Sipos OgrAtRg, Kalman Faludi OrAbRr, Sasha Borov OgrAbRr

5. Budapest, Hungary  
Akos Matyas solo, Laszlo Garai Or, Jozsef Polgar Ogr, Jeno Benedek Ogr, Alexei Gromoff Ogr

6. Laszlo Garai OrRg, Alexei Gromoff OgrAb, Jozsef Polgar OgrAtRg, Jeno Benedek OgrAbtRr

action notes: O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;

Length: 1:38:08
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