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Hand-in-Hand Films- (Bijou) - Centurians of Rome
barebackanaloralbondagegroup sex
A (relatively) mega production, this story of Rome was allegedly filmed with stolen money.
Lots of good looking men, lots of dialog, lots of sex (and abuse), big and uncut dicks make this an extravaganza for it's time.
The film was financed by money stolen in a Brinks robbery. Brink's insurance agency (Lloyds of London) became part owner of the film as a result of court cases.

1. George Payne Ogr, Scorpio (80s) Org
Octavius and Demetrius suck each other in a dream while they nap.

2. Scorpio (80s) Og, Johnny Cannuic Or, Jeffery Scott Og, Eric Ryan Or
Octavius is seized for tax evasion and forced to service the centurions. Demetrius rescues him but ends up being sold to the Emperor.

3. David Morris At
Confined to a cell, slaves suck and fuck each other.

4. Ed Wiley Og, George Payne Or
Octavius seeks advice of Claudius and Demetrius seeks guidance of Old Slave. Old Slave taunts Demetrius and sends him to the Commander, who instructs his personal slave Argos to break Demetrius in. Argos sucks Demetrius to climax, then anally rapes the resistant slave.

5. Eric Ryan Og, Scorpio (80s) Or
Octavius visits the Commander to pay the tax for Demetrius, but the Commander captures him for his own. He sucks Octavius, then tops him.

6. David Morris Or, John Kovacs Og, Roy Garrett Or
The commander shackles Octavius, forcing him to witness an orgy between the Senators and several slaves. Slave David Morris is matched again with the blond slave, who he sucks and who then surprisingly tops him. A bearded Senator (John Kovacs) sucks a hairy stud whose face is never shown. A mustached slave sucks off another Senator (Roy Garrett) and a muscular, mustached soldier. Following the orgy, Octavius is returned to the Commander’s quarters, where the Commander admits he loves Octavius and promises to help him free Demetrius.

7. Ryder Jones Ogr, Guiseppe Welch Og, George Payne Or
Bath slaves Ryder Jones and Guiseppe Welch prepare a shackled Demetrius for the Emperor with bath water and oral sex. Ryder sucks Demetrius, while Guiseppe sucks Ryder.

Demetrius is brought to the narcissistic Emperor, who sucks Demetrius’ cock, then begs him to fuck him. Demetrius complies, then fist fucks the Emperor when he requests that. While his fist is buried deep, he pulls a knife on the sadistic ruler, who taunts Demetrius that his beloved Octavius is also enslaved within the palace. Demetrius ends up shackled and whipped for what he’s done. Meanwhile, the Commander helps Octavius find Demetrius and the two lovers escape. When the Emperor finds out what has happened, he has the Commander arrested and enslaved in Demetrius’ place.

action notes:
O=Oral; A=Anal; g=give; r=receive; t=top;
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