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The Lust Connection 2008 576x432 1h29m23s AVI 0.97 GBs

Mana is sleeping but gets woken up by Boonrat who is horny as hell. He kisses, licks, and sucks Mana's cock while he’s still drowsy. Boonrat will never give up until he gets to fuck this hot and sexy Asian twink.

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Title: The Lust Connection
Runtime: 89 minutes
Stars: Thungteewar, Norasak, Boonrat, Mana, Anuchar, Chaiyot
Director: John Hayman

Description: Smashed, studly Thungteewar staggers in after a night with a song of lust for his buddy, Norasak. His pal is not in the mood for inebriated entreaties and shoves Thungteewar out of bed and onto his ass! Undeterred, the amorous one smothers Norasak with kisses and a throbbing erection which finally does the trick. Before these two are done however much sucking and fucking is engaged in by both. Boonrat has the hots for sleeping Mana's luscious ass and tries to sneak a free piece. Well, hunky Mana wants to sleep, that is until Boonrat devours his dick and proceeds to suck the turgidity into it. What follows is a fair amount of persuasion before both of these cute guys lick, suck, and fuck to satisfying eruptions. After hours on the bus Anuchar is desperate for a shower and starts stripping at reception! Forgoing the usual registration process, Chaiyot leads the stud into a room as Anuchar finishes his undressing and bolts for the bathroom. Chaiyot is soon under the water with Mr. Dick and continues to serve his “customer’s” needs in the sack. That means he gets his cute round bottom well drilled for his trouble. Good stuff.

Sex Acts: Oral Sex, Handjob, Male On Male Action, Masturbation, Nipple Play, Anal Sex, Rim Job, Showering/Bathing
Positions: Standing Doggy Style, Kneeling, Laying, Spoons position, Standing, Standing Missionary, Crouching/Squatting, Standing Side Saddle, Reverse Cowgirl
Settings: Bedroom, Shower

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Movie Title: The Lust Connection
Production date: 2008-07-06
Studio: Island Caprice Studios

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Island Caprice
711 E. Walnut St. Suite 211
Pasadena, CA
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