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A stroll down memory lane as two friends recall the good ol days. The action begins as the two friends finish watching a hot fuck film that reminds about when they first met. They you get to see.... that first night many years ago, when they were just young men in their 20's, and they fucked and sucked and fondled each other in frantic passion during their first night or carnal pleasure. No condoms....just cum, spit and sweat mixing together to form the perfect lube.

Then they remember their first vacation together and what they encountered on their way to their first gay resort.....a stop in a Truckstop bathroom, complete with glory-holes, stalls and 3-way hard core fucking going on between hung, muscular and horny studs Steve Wylie and Larry Wolf as they fuck and fill cute little Steve Tuck's butt.

They both take turns fucking him until their man juice it dripping from his ass and he is screaming with pleasure. And then, two more scenes....a three way in the bedroom at the gay resort followed by a hot three way in the next door neighbors living room. The assholes are pounded and spread wide and the cum is shooting and spurting and dripping, while one of the friends is taking it all in by peeking through an open window. Moans, groans and squeals of pleasure as these pig boys do what boys do best!

Nine Hot Men and nearly two hours of raw, cum spurting, ass-pounding, ALL BAREBACK fucking. Filmed using today's latest digital, stereo equipment, technology and cum splattering close-up shots flashing back to more carefree, fuck filled days in THOSE FUCKING MEMORIES.
Jeremy Brooks, Johny Fargo, Charlie Huff, Brandon Ironne, Kenboy, Eric Rogers, Joe Stevens, Steve Tuck, Steve Wiley, Larry Wolf, Jimmy Z.
Ray Butler
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75 minutes (1 hour, 15 minutes)
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