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Falcon-Jocks - The Violation Part 1: Seized (2001) DVD JVP104
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Director : Chi Chi LaRue

Studio : Jocks Studios

Released : 2001

Length : 90

Full Cast :
Colby Taylor,
Jackson Price,
Alec Martinez,
Robert Balint,
Logan Reed,
Antonio Vega,
Roland Dane,
Scott Austin
and Lance Gear

Exclusive Colby Taylor's idyllic romance with Jackson Price is shattered by his partner's shameless infidelity. Deception and misunderstandings; confusion and doubt occur. Throw in a chance run-in with some criminals on the lam, some over-zealous police detectives and you have an action feature chock full of intrigue and non-stop sex, including an intense fisting/punchfucking scene between Lance Gear and Exclusive Scott Austin. Also starring Exclusives Robert Ballint and Roland Dane; plus Tanner Hayes, Alec Martinez, Logan Reed and Antonio Vega.

SCENE 1 : Colby Taylor & Jackson Price. It's an idyllic romance between Colby and Jackson who luxuriate in each other's love - emotionally and physically. Their passion is intense and shameless as each man surrenders himself completely to the other ... or so Colby thinks.

SCENE 2 : Jackson Price & Alec Martinez. What a scamp Jackson is, violating Colby's trust and kickin' it up with Alec. But then again, Alec is one hot tamale who knows exactly how to get Jackson's cock throbbing and ass twitching. Colby wrestles with despair and Jackson's cheating soon carries a heavy price to pay.

SCENE 3 : Logan Reed, Robert Balint, Roland Dane, & Antonio Vega. There's a culprit on the loose and four deputies are fast on his trail. Searching for clues can get you hot and bothered, and this posse soon discovers how to find some release - in each other's crotches and asses until one by one they cum with great relief.

SCENE 4 : Lance Gear & Scott Austin. Lance and Scott investigate Colby's disappearance. While searching the bedroom, they find a cache of lube, rubber gloves and dildos. Not letting this discovery go to waste, they engage in a vigorous session of rough sex with Lance in control and Scott panting and begging for more while Lance fills his ass with toys and fists.

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