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Russian Spermoboys Collection
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This torrent contains the 3 (that I know of) Russian Spermoboys series.  They all feature Ben Huller (aka Olivier Gourrin) fucking young guys until they are raw.  They are there only to provide holes for his cock.  It's a little bit rough but very sexy.
Vol #1 - Cast:
Alexei Tovaritch, Luka Baranov, Milan Sokolov (as Robert), Olivier Gourrin (as Tommy), Valery Smolenski
Run Time: 1:34:59

Vol #2 - Huge dicked Frenchman Olivier Gourrin heads to Moscow in Russian Spermoboys 2 to plunder four young Russian boys. Battered by his thick baton, the Russians lads scream in pleasure until their faces are covered in sperm. A wild and glutinous adventure.

Cast: Anissi Vassilieff, Dimitri Nemetch, Lev Romanov, Louri Moskovitch, Olivier Gourrin
Run Time: 1:40:57

Vol #3 - Huge dicked Frenchman Olivier Gourrin again heads to Moscow in Russian Spermoboys 3. The mission this time is to demolish and cum in the asses of four different lads! Let loose in Moscow, French top Olivier fucks, stretches and sperms these Russian boys to the limit!

Cast: Llari Aleksandrov, Olivier Gourrin, Timour Ukhar, Vassili Pavlovitch, Youri Nikola
Run Time: 1:32:45

All three are: 1024x676p,  2500Kbps,  30fps,   Total Run Time: 4:48:41

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