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OTB - Bareback Twink Prison - Innocents (720p)
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OTB - Bareback Twink Prison - Innocents (720p)

Touching human drama and flaming hot bareback gay hardcore go hand in hand in this amazing adult feature production. Featuring two and a half hours running time, five mouth-watering bareback sex scenes and a storyline that will grab you by the balls and won't let go! A jewel of a movie that takes twink porn to the next level !

Young David Contreras finds out the hard way that being in a South American prison is dangerous to life and limb. It's a relentless and bitterly fierce battle for power and control. In addition, the air is filled with sexual tension, between the young inmates as well as between the prisoners and their all-powerful and corrupt guards.

But David has an ace up his sleeve: his money is safely stashed away with his brother Vidal. However, just when he thinks he can buy his freedom, his brother gets picked up by the police. Matters become increasingly complicated for David and Vidal who now have to find a way to trick the corrupt prison warden and his imprisoned accomplice Cuchilla into letting them go!

Stars: Roberto Rodrigues, David Contreras, Vidal Contreras, Alfonso Rodriguez, The Boss, Cuchilla, Damian Fuentes, Mendoza, Aristizabel
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