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Bareback RT- Quick Connect Cum Buddies (2010)
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'Quick Connect Cum Buddies'

Running Time: 1 Hour & 15 Mins

BarebackRT Media presents us with "Quick Connect Cum Buddies", your guide to hooking up with horny men online! Stars Lee Paine, Tyler Moose, Reid Richards, Ryan Buckley, Nick Ryan, Nicholas Black, Adam Michaels, Jayson Masters, Justin Steele, and Isaac Conn hook up on and offline in this DVD. Are you ready for 4 sexy scenes featuring some well hung men meeting and fucking for the first time? You'd better sign on, because you've got male!

Our first scene brings 5 strangers together through who just can't wait to suck each other's cocks. They pass each other around on the couch making sure that each cock gets the proper attention that it deserves! With each lick their cocks grow larger, fatter and harder. They move the party from the couch to the bedroom where the action really heats up! They lick each other's assholes, stroke each other's dicks and suck each other's cocks, getting everyone nice and ready for the fucking that's about to happen. They pound each other's asses hard, sliding their wet cocks deep into each other slow at first, but then harder and faster. When it's time to cum the jizz goes flying, from their ball sacks to their assholes. You too are only a few clicks away from this kind of action...

Next we find a stranger who is "lubed up and ready to go" as he uses his phone to find a hot stranger to fuck. It's not long before they meet in person and their cocks are out, fully erect and ready for some attention! They lick and suck each other's dicks, keeping them hard and throbbing. They're just begging to fuck each other though, and do so on the hammock and in the pool. The fucking is fast and it will leave your dick hard, begging to enter a tight asshole. After cumming on each other these two studs clean up with a cool dip in the pool.

Ever gotten horny at the gym? Of course you have and our next stud finds himself in that situation. Luckily he has to help find some hot man to fuck hard. These guys have hard muscles and hard cocks, which they take good care of by sucking and licking. They move from the gym to the bedroom where the dick sucking continues on the bed. They need to fuck and soon enough we find a hard cock deep inside an asshole. When it's time to cum our man does so all over his new found fuck buddies tight asshole, smearing it all over with his fat cock head.

These next guys are so horny that when one tells the other that he'll be there in 5 minutes, he really means 4 1/2! Our man is in bed, naked and horny, waiting for a young fucker to arrive to take care of his hardening cock. Once he gets there that's when the dick sucking begins, taking each other's cocks deep into their throats. This does not last long and soon enough they're fucking each other on the bed. They fuck fast and hard, letting their balls slap around with each thrust. Finally they spray each other with cum, leaving you wanting to sign on as fast as you can so you can join in on the fucking action.

What are you waiting for? Waiting for your new fuck buddy to arrive? Then pop in "Quick Connect Cum Buddies" and enjoy the show, because soon enough this could be you enjoying the action with a lucky stranger! Do you wanna be apart of the next bb sex party?

Tyler Moose
Reid Richards
Ryan Buckley
Nick Ryan
Nicholas Black
Adam Michaels
Jayson Masters
Justyn Steele
Isaac Conn

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