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William Higgins - Johan Mendez - EROTIC SOLO (1080p)
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Description Released: May 31, 2018

Johan Mendez is aged 19 and lives in Kladno. He is a student who enjoys sports, athletics and soccer. He is a very handsome guy indeed. Not only handsome but also very fit looking too. As he removes his tee shirt we see a wonderful upper body and Johan happily poses, flexing his biceps, to show it off too. Then he turns around and lowers his underwear to expose a beautiful ass too. As we enjoy that hot ass Johan bends over and reaches back to spread his cheeks, showing a lovely, hairy hole. Standing erect again Johan then gets his cock good and hard. It stands so proudly erect as he goes through a series of lovely poses. Then Johan sits on the training bench and lifts his legs in the air to give another hot view of his sexy ass. That hairy hole looks so inviting as he pulls the cheeks wide apart. Then Johan finishes his shoot by posing some more with that cock rock hard.

Actor: Johan Mendez  

1920x1080  4000kbps
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