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Manhattan (2006) Raging Stallion DVD
analoralgeneral hardcorecondoms
director Ben Leon

Ford Tuff
Fran├žois Sagat
Justin Christopher
Manuel Torres
Marcos Pirelli
Mario Cruz (00s)
Sergio Anthony
Vin Nolan

Manhattan is Ben Leon's introduction as a new force in the gay porn world. Between beautiful shots of New York and delicious hardcore fucking, Manhattan takes you on a tour of the city where hot men dominate and sex is the name of the game. These men know sex like they know the subway system, in and out. Featuring a total of 6 scenes and 18 cum-shots, this big city adventure shows that men in the Big Apple have a taste for dick.

1. Made in Manhattan
Manuel Torres, Mario Cruz (00s)

2. New York in June
Vin Nolan, Ford Tuff

3. Big City Dick
Manuel Torres solo

4. Service Elevator
Marcos Pirelli, Justin Christopher

5. Fran├žois Sagat solo

6. Vin Nolan, Sergio Anthony, Manuel Torres
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