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Collin O'Neal Productions - World of Men - Miami
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Cast : Mason Wyler, Alex Keyes, Nick Horn, CJ Madison, Brian Bodine, Daniel Marvin, Pedro Andreas, Andre Santos, Eli, Roman Ragazzi.

Collin O'Neal does it again. I want to be in his world of men!!

Opens with Nick in the ocean. As he comes out of the waves, Collin comes onto the beach and follows Nick back to his towel. Collin lays out his towel and lies next to Nick as he stares and strokes his cock. He takes off his shirt and Nick gets up to help with the sunscreen. Once he’s oiled up they retreat back to the hotel where they make their way out onto the balcony overlooking the ocean. They embrace and kiss. Soon Collin is showing us Nick’s tan line as he pulls off Nick’s shorts and begins to rim his ass. The two move the action to the couch and Nick sits back and enjoys and expert blowjob from Collin. Collin takes Nick’s cock deep down his throat. Nick returns the favor and Collin gets into fucking that hot mouth. Nick positions himself on the couch on all fours and Collin guides his big dick into that sweet hole. The camera crew does a great job throughout the movie as they capture many great views of this hot action. In this scene you will enjoy the slow sensual fuck Collin gives to Nick as you watch Collin’s thick cock slide in and out of Nick’s tight ass. They change positions and Nick sits on top of Collin’s pole. Nick rides that cock from the top to the bottom. Nick fucks himself on Collin’s dick and causes himself to shoot a load on Collin’s chest. Collin stands up and sprays his load all over Nick’s body. The two kiss at the end.

In the shower we find Pedro and Daniel making out. Daniel goes down on Pedro’s cock and shows us his expert skills in deep throating. Pedro takes his turn on his knees. He too knows how to work over a beautiful cock with his mouth. These two are hot together. They both shower and help to soap each other’s cocks. Then they go down on each other again. As they are making out, in walks Andre (for some reason he wasn’t mentioned in the opening credits.) He joins the two muscle studs in the shower and finds his place in between the two. They give him some special attention as they rim his ass in preparation for fucking. Andre sucks both cocks as the two studs make out. Then they are ready to use Andre from both ends as Daniel fucks him and Pedro works his cock in and out of Andre’s mouth. In the end, Andre is on his back on the counter getting drilled by Daniel until all three are shooting their loads all over Andre. Pedro unleashes his cum first as he fires off several streams across Andre’s body. Daniel pulls out and at the same time, Andre and Daniel shoot their loads all over Andre’s stomach.

Collin is back out scoping the beach. He ends up in front of the hotel and Alex comes running by. They catch each other’s eyes and Collin follows Alex up to his room. Once inside Collin exposes Alex’s long hard dick. Collin gives a spectacular blowjob as he takes the entire length of Alex’s uncut monster down his throat. Alex goes down on Collin too. Collin loves fucking a hot mouth and he rides Alex’s face. The action heats up as Alex sits back on the couch and Collin goes to work sucking and licking Alex’s cock, balls, and ass. Collin prepares that ass for his big cock as he tongue bathes Alex’s tight hole. Collin is definitely a lover as he takes his time and pays close attention to his partner. Never does it get boring with Collin, as his lovemaking is sensual and erotic. Next, Collin rides Alex doggy style and then has Alex sit on top of his dick. Alex bounces up and down hard as he bottoms out on Collin’s nice piece of meat. Collin flips Alex over onto his back and pounds away. Collin shoots first as he pulls out and showers his cum all over Alex. Alex jerks his cock and adds his load to Collins.

Brian strips down and enters the shower. He showers for us. He soaps up his muscular body and pays extra attention to his big cock, getting it nice and hard for us. Eli is watching from around the corner and begins to play with his cock. Brian notices and soon Eli is on his knees and has his lips wrapped around that huge black cock. The two move to the bedroom where they embrace and make out. They play with each other’s cocks. Brian flips Eli onto his stomach and plays with his ass. He opens those round cheeks up and rims Eli’s tight hole. Next Brian climbs up over Eli’s head and Eli rims Brian from below. Brian gets back into position and fucks Eli as he’s lying on his stomach. Brian flips Eli over so he can look at him while he fucks him. Then Eli gets to sit on top of that huge pole. Eli manages to take that cock all the way to Brian’s balls. Eli rides Brian’s fuck stick hard and fast. The two go back to kissing and they end the scene by shooting their loads all over Eli’s body as he lies on the bed.

Mason is out on the dock sweeping when CJ and Roman pull up in a boat and whisk him away for a hot three way. Who wouldn’t get in the boat with these two hot muscular studs? As they enjoy the ride out to sea, the three of them make out on the bow of the boat. Once they are alone out in the ocean they strip down and begin to orally service one another. CJ and Roman trade blowjobs and they begin to show us just how incredibly sexy they are. These two together are on fire. The passion between these two beautiful men is wonderful. (I wish we had seen more of these two throughout the movie! Don’t get me wrong; all the guys in this movie are hot. It’s just these two could have had their own movie.) Mason joins in as they suck each other’s cocks and balls in the back of the boat. They move the action down into the cabin and the suckfest continues. They change positions and partners as their bodies are entwined in this hot three way. While they are down below the fucking begins. Roman rides on top of Mason’s cock as CJ plays with Mason’s balls. Mason’s cock gets worked over by Roman’s ass. Next CJ mounts Roman’s ass from behind. They eventually end up outside again as the fucking continues. Mason sits on top of CJ’s big dick and his hole is stretched as that cock slides in and out. CJ and Mason end up riding Roman’s ass again doggy style in the back of the boat. Mason rides him hard and pulls out to deliver his seed on Roman’s ass. CJ jerks his cock to orgasm as he shoots his thick load all over Roman’s hairy chest. Roman finishes himself off and unloads onto the deck of the boat. This scene was hot! What a great way to end a terrific movie with hot guys and hot sex!! Collin O’Neal outdoes himself once again!
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