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Falcon Studio's- Hurts So Good & Out Of Control (DVD)
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Falcon Video Pacs 25 & 27.

A Falcon Double Feature; 2 Precondom Classics on 1 DVD!

Hurts So Good
Falcon Video Pac 25.

4 Short Films from the Falcon Classic Library.

GOLD COAST MARINE. This highly praised Dimension classic stars real life lovers, beautiful and built Michael and Philip, in one of their first--and best--film together.

COUNTRY BOY. As boys will, handsome farm stud Bill slips away to his secluded spot in the woods to relieve his pent-up sex drive. This day, however, he's joined by the young guy from the neighboring farm.

INCH BY INCH. When two well-hung hunks discover one another's cock potential for the first time, it's often a matter of whether either can handle the other anally or not. Bob and Davy solve this size problem by taking it inch by inch!

HURTS SO GOOD. Here's Ray Fuller look-and-hung-alike Bert Edwards forcefully subjecting his partner, Joel to his own special brand of insatiable, near-sadistic, bedroom recreation.

Out of Control
Falcon Video Pac 27.

4 more Short Films from the Falcon Classic Library.

WINTER'S COME. For practicality's sake three young studs share a motel-room bed while on a short winter outing. Such close comfort soon leads to some prankish wrestling and this to outright cock arousal.

OUT OF CONTROL. It's wildman Bert Edwards again, paired with a blond, boyish Davey, the "Inch by Inch" man. When totally uninhibited top meets take-it-all bottom, you've got some of the wildest footage that Dimension's cameras recorded.

ON LEAVE. Take an on-leave sailor with but one onboard male-fuck experience and bunk him with a well-practiced teacher hungry for really big dream-meat and you've got the makings for an AWOL-Action Without Letup!

A WINTER PLACE. When Dean of "The Brothers" and buddies Keith and Skip relax in front of the fire at their winter weekend mountain-top cabin, their sexual "War Stories" heat up the three studs' crotches.

Starring Duke, Nick, Michael, Philip, Bill, Peter, Bob, Davy, Bert Edwards, Joel, Dean Chasson, Steve. Skip, Keith and Don.

Directed by Matt Sterling.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

A Falcon DVD.

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