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Oh Man! Studios - Leather Breeders
Oh Man!'s Leather Breeders brings to you the raunchiest bareback sex. Load after load, these hung leather studs just can't get enough juice in their mouths and in their holes.

Billy Dewitt and Steven Richards There's no time for wasting in this scene. It opens right up with a bang ' with big-dicked Steven Richards banging Billy Dewitt's hole, in fact. Propped up on a large oil can with his legs up in the air, Billy moans and groans as Steven sinks his huge pole into Billy's eager ass. 'I can't wait for you to dump your fuckin' load in my ass,' Billy wails, making Steven fuck him all the harder. Billy spreads his hole open even wider, allowing Steven to sink his cock into him balls-deep. Before long, Steven is dumping his load deep inside Billy, then licking every last drop of it out. But Steven's not done with Billy yet. He flips him over and rims Billy deep, opening him up for a second drilling. Steven rams Billy's hole like a champ, pummeling him while Billy begs for more. Then Billy sucks Steven's massive prong until Steven blows a monster load all over Billy's face. Sated, Billy blows his load on Steven's dick, and the men kiss.

Dillon Press and Owen Daniels Dillon Press is a nasty daddy who loves to order his boy Owen Daniels around. As the scene opens, Owen is on his knees, servicing Dillon's dick like the cock pig he is. 'Suck that cock, boy!' Dillon barks, grabbing the back of Owen's head and forcing him to take every inch of his meat. Owen proves himself to be a master at servicing, but it's not long before Dillon needs to fuck some hole. With Owen propped up on his back on several boxes, Dillon feeds his cock to Owen's willing hole. Owen whimpers and moans, and soon begs for Dillon to come in his hole. Dillon blows deep inside Owen, then pulls out and licks up the spillage. For round two, Dillon fingers and rims Owen's hole, then plows him a second time before shooting his load on Owen's lips and tongue. Owen finally gets off by jacking off while Dillon caresses and kisses him from behind, then licks his own jizz off his fingers and feeds some to Dillon. Yum!

Bjorn Peterson and Freddie Resik This is a scene for men who love silver foxes'and there are two in this scene. It starts with Freddie Resik on his knees sucking daddy Bjorn Peterson's impressive tool while Bjorn talks dirty to him and plays with his own nipples. This goes on for some time, then Bjorn decides to return to favor and sucks greedily on Freddie's equally fat cock. Both men are such avid cocksuckers, it's hard to figure out which one loves it more. But daddy Bjorn proves himself to be more of an ass man when he bends Freddie over and eats his hot hairy hole, then fucks Freddie in a sling. 'You gonna let me come in your ass?' Bjorn asks, then proceeds to slam his dick deep inside Freddie's hole until he dumps his load in there as well. Bjorn then plays with Freddie's hole and eats his cum as it spills out. The scene ends with Freddie jerking off into Bjorn's mouth, feeding his daddy a juicy white load of hot man juice. Slurp!

Gabriel D'Alessandro and Kelly Taylor In this hot flip-fuck scene, Gabriel D'Alessandro gets the ball rolling by feeding his hot raw cock to lucky stud Kelly Taylor's hole. Bent over a stepping stool, Kelly hollers out as Gabriel aggressively pummels him from behind. Gabriel pulls out and shoots on Kelly's ass, then sticks the head of his cock back in Kelly's hole to feed him the rest of his jizz. Then it's Kelly's turn to take the lead. Gabriel proves himself to be a great bottom as well, taking Kelly's big tool like a pro. Kelly is relentless, jabbing his cock into Gabriel's juicy hole for several minutes. Afterwards, Kelly sucks Gabriel's cock again until Gabriel feeds him his load, then Gabriel rims Kelly's ass and deep throats his cock until Kelly spills his own seed in Gabriel's mouth.
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