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Treasure Island - Suck Dick Save The World 2
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Cock sucking is full of possibilities. It can be an artistic endeavor, a political action, an intimate form of communication, even a religious experience. It is also, of course, one of the finest sexual highs a man can have. If you've ever wrapped your lips around another man's dick and felt that throbbin', engorged flesh fill your mouth and breach your throat, opening you like nothing else can; or if you've ever nourished a fellow man, spilling your gooey DNA down his gullet into his waiting belly, then you know what I mean.
For Suck Dick Save the World 2, I put some of the greediest boneheads I know together with some of the most impressively hung top men around, and told them to simply follow their instincts. The result – from intensely personal and worshipful one-on-ones to the anonymous thrill of the glory hole, from masters of their craft to the acolyte in training – is an ode to the full range and depth of cock sucking.

Marcus Iron, Jasper
MARCUS IRON is a true cocksucking junkie, devoting himself to the experience as if every time is the first, always chasing the high. Fortunately for MARCUS , bone-slurping is a pleasure that keeps getting better.
After some get-to-know-you kissing with JASPER , MARCUS slides to his knees to begin his full sensory exploration of JASPER 's cock: examining the length and texture with his eyes, his fingers, his lips and tongue; inhaling the smell and savoring the taste of manmeat and precum.
As much as he loves the dick in his mouth, MARCUS never forgets the man it's attached to. As he licks, sucks, and jerks him off two-fisted, MARCUS keeps looking up into JASPER 's face, taking as much satisfaction from the topman's pleasured expression as anything else.

Sven, Blue
Young BLUE styles himself a fallen angel (check out the "wing scar" tattoos on his shoulder blades). His new god is cock and his greatest desire is to worship whenever he can.
I set him up with daddy SVEN . BLUE had him on the edge of his seat, deepthroating him from the start and only relinquishing that fine cock to suck his heavy balls adoringly. When SVEN finally blasts a thick, white-hot load down his throat, BLUE swallows it all ecstatically.

Oliver, Cory Koons
When ace bottom CORY KOONS told me he wanted a real challenge for his next shoot, someone who would push his buttons and his limits, I immediately thought of OLIVER , a young man I met recently who has a dominant streak as wide as his smile.
OLIVER proved himself more than up for it. Within minutes of being introduced to each other, he had CORY on his knees, mouth crammed full of the topman's thick, meaty rod. As CORY swallows his cock OLIVER gives him a helping hand, holding the bonehound in place by the very throat his dick is stretching.
The ferocious dominance CORY has been craving continues throughout the scene. OLIVER barely gives the cocksucker a chance to breathe as he relentlessly breeds CORY 's gullet in every position imaginable, before finally shooting his white-hot wad straight down CORY 's maw to his waiting belly. After stroking out his own load, CORY can only kneel at OLIVER 's feet in grateful contentment and absolute satisfaction.

Jake Corwin, Danny
One of DANNY 's greatest joys in life is getting skullfucked: Relinquishing control, feeling a cockhead lodged deep in his gullet, the girth stretching and filling his throat.
So I set him up with demanding fucker JAKE. Over-eager DANNY could hardly wait for the action to start, taking the initiative and deepthroating JAKE' s thick tool before yielding to the topman's firm grip and forceful thrusts. It turns into a game of give and take, each yielding control to the other in turn, never losing intensity.
Unable to hold back any longer, JAKE 's sprays cum in DANNY 's eye and up his nose, but nothing can break the consummate cocksucker's focus. Barely batting a cum-coated eyelash, he continues nursing on JAKE 's dick, swallowing to the root yet again.

Marcus Stone
There's a particular pleasure to be found at glory holes. The rush of losing yourself in anonymity, the freedom to concentrate 100% on the cock in front of you.
It's a pleasure MARCUS STONE enjoys thoroughly and engages in whenever he can. He'd been gagging to try out the T.I.M. glory hole, so one afternoon when a couple of visitors to the office expressed their interest, I gave MARCUS a call.
One after the other, the lucky schlongs receive MARCUS 's full-serviced and skilled attention. The hungry jizz-guzzler doesn't miss a drop as he milks out a load of man-cream from each satisfied, anonymous donor.

Alexander, Nick Forte
After NICK saw some pictures I'd taken of ALEXANDER , he made a fervent request to be the first to suck him off on camera. I'm always happy to help someone fulfill a dream when I can, so I set it up.
When the day came, NICK fell to his knees immediately and indulged in some worshipful play, tonguing and sucking, nursing the tip, licking and sucking the shaft, deepthroating the full length down to the balls.
Finally unable to deny himself a moment longer, NICK jerks ALEXANDER off onto his waiting tongue, grinning widely as ALEXANDER rewards him with a fresh load of man-juice. After swallowing it down, NICK thanks him fervently and repeatedly, punctuating each expression of gratitude with an equally grateful kiss of ALEXANDER 's cockhead.

Dan Fisk, Sky
DAN FISK and SKY first hooked up in Drunk on Cum 4. After that shoot SKY told me he couldn't get enough of the famous topman and wanted to go another round with him. DAN happened to overhear and said he'd be happy to oblige, so a couple of days later I got them together again and shot this. It was lost in our archives until an enterprising editor rediscovered it in time for this vid.
You can tell SKY was still a novice when this was shot, but he obviously wants nothing more than to please DAN. For his part DAN , who has always had a soft spot for the younguns, is very encouraging. The connection between them builds as the session goes on, culminating in a thoroughly enjoyable experience for both men.

Will Bottoms, Jake Wood
Like the previous scene, this is a found treasure from our archives. WILL (sometimes known as SLAVE WILL or WILL BOTTOMS ), is one of the most shamelessly voracious cumwhores I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. His hunger for cock is unbounded, he goes after it like a drowning man thrown a line.
WILL and JAKE WOOD were both in one of the suck-orgies in Drunk on Cum 1. They had such chemistry in their brief encounter that they asked for another go together, this time with no distractions (just the two of them, one on one)–so I put them in a room and let the cameras roll.
WILL is in the groove, entranced, totally focused on JAKE , looking up adoringly at JAKE 's face as he suckles and swallows around the cock in his throat. JAKE steps it up, putting WILL in all manner of creative positions, never losing that cock-to-mouth connection–or, more importantly, the man-to-man bond they've formed.

T-Money, Marcus Iron
Like many men, T-MONEY is a big fan of MARCUS IRON . When he told me how much the cocksucking legend has inspired him, in fantasy and practice, I knew I had to get them together.
MARCUS treats T-MONEY to a juicy blowjob that has the ebony stallion's joystick dripping and glistening all over. When MARCUS goes all the way down on it, that tight, warm throat feels so good around T-MONEY 's dick that he's compelled to grab onto the skilled bone-swallower's head and hold him there.
When he finally lets go, he squirts out a viscous load. After drinking it all down, MARCUS licks his way up T-MONEY 's fine, toned body for some deep tongue-kissing.

Zack, Keer Or, Dan Fisk
ZACK wanted an immersion course in master cocksucking, so I set him up with KEER and DAN FISK and let these two renowned tops show the kid the ropes.
Cumpuppy ZACK is so eager and overwhelmed, he's almost beside himself as he does his best with all that manmeat, switching back and forth between them, even trying to get them both in his mouth at the same time. When ROBERT and FORD stopped by and came in for a closer look, the session develops into a suckathon-cum-circle jerk.
In the end, ZACK gets exactly what he wanted: a master lesson in cocksucking, complete with mouth-on experience, and all the sperm he could swallow.

Bonus Scene: Skeet solo, T.J.
In the first Bonus Scene, hung stud TJ shows off his throbbin' meat to boner aficionado SKEET , who feels compelled to show his appreciation the best way possible–open-mouthed and on his knees.

To round things out, I'm giving you solo shoots with four of my favorite guys from this vid: SVEN (the daddy from Scene 2), OLIVER (the dominating top from Scene 3), NICK (the grateful cocksucker from Scene 6), and T-MONEY (the ebony stud from Scene 9).
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