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Family Dick - A Special Place in Daddy's Heart Ch 3 - Flex For Your Old Man (1080p)
Released March 1, 2019

Chapter 3-Flex For Your Old Man

Lance Hart, Zane Williams & Logan Cross

Lance is always a proud stepdad when he sees that his boys are working out and taking care of their bodies. Today, he wants to see how much progress the little guys are making, so he asks them to flex for him. But the pervy pop wants to see more than just their muscles, and soon the boys are showing him their rock hard cocks. Finally, he decides the older of the two has gotten more results. His prize: he gets to fuck his younger stepbrother! The younger boy spreads his ass cheeks and takes his older bro’s hard cock in his smooth boy hole, sucking his daddy’s dick while getting pounded from behind. Then, he squirts out a load of cum before getting showered in his family’s semen. What a workout!

(Note: The website write-up says Chapter 4, but the file download indicates Chapter 3.)
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